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"Overconfidence Is Her Biggest Flaw" - Marc Andreyko Talks Legenderry: Red Sonja

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  • "Overconfidence Is Her Biggest Flaw" - Marc Andreyko Talks Legenderry: Red Sonja

    Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, writers of Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini #5, talk with writer Marc Andreyko about Legenderry: Red Sonja #3, both on sale now. Cover art by Sergio Davila.

    LegenderryRS03CovADavilaANTHONY DEL COL & CONOR McCREERY: Red Sonja is one of the most famous female action characters of all-time, always quick on her feet (and with her wit) and able to fight her way out of a jam. But she’s human, and has her faults or her flaws. What do you think is a major flaw (or flaws) and how are you trying to get that into this series?

    MARC ANDREYKO: Overconfidence is her biggest flaw. Ninety-nine times out of 100, she’s right, but that niggling one time could lead her to a bloody defeat. Sonja operates on emotion, so sometimes she gets in her own way. But don’t we all?

    A&C: I love the fact that you’ve got Victor Frankenstein and Captain Nemo in this story! Two of my favorites of all-time. How is this version of Frankenstein different from any other? What attracted you the most to writing this character?

    MA: Victor in my story is a raging sociopath and megalomaniac – like any good surgeon. And I’ve always been a fan of Shelley’s novel because so much of it is internal conflict, not Michael Bay blow-up stuff. The fight scenes are always fun, but understanding a character’s emotional landscape only adds to the intensity.

    A&C: I know that you’re not only a great writer of horror but also a fan of it. In this issue there’s a really frightening scene that gave me chills when I first read it. What do you think is the key to writing a good horror comic?

    MA: Aww, thanks, guys! I just try and find things that would terrify/disturb/gross me out and run with them. If something doesn’t scare you, as the writer and guide for the reader, why should it scare them?

    A&C: The coloring in this series isn’t what I expected – I liked that there was more of a light color palette, which I think makes the characters a little more human (and in the process scarier). Do you script this sort of direction? Was this the original plan of the series?

    MA: The coloring choices are all the colorist and I agree, the palette is not what you’d expect, but that only heightens the unease. I refer to it as “bruise-y colors” and they are exquisite.

    A&C: What are the most interesting elements of steampunk to you?

    MA: The utter lack of fossil fuel usage! And add in the Victorian vibe and I am so there. The whole clockwork aspect of the tech also intrigues me since I am completely mechanically impaired. (smiles) The visuals of turning cogs and pistons and steam pipes is just so much fun – using old school tech on the edge of breakthroughs is fascinating and makes me wish we still used the steam engine. (smiles)

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