Well, I finally had a chance to catch up on Vampi and read #7-11 ("The Accursed" arc) all in one sitting today. Nancy Collins is just knocking it out of the park on this series, and Patrick Berkenkotter just seems to be getting better and better, compared to his work from just a couple of years ago. Nancy keeps introducing great new characters, and "The Accursed" was full of them. I want to see both Evily and Draculina in their own miniseries! Tristan the werewolf is interesting, too. So is the Kabal, and the way that Nancy is weaving threads from all kinds of different mythologies and religions (and literary sources) into the storyline.

And is it just me, or... there's a scene there where Evily casts a spell, but instead of inscribing the usual black magic pentagram-within-a-circle, she inscribes a hexagram ("Star of David"), so I wonder if Evily isn't using the Hebrew Kabala as the source of her magic (which would explain the name "the Kabal"). It would seem to fit with the story, given that Old Testament mythology is central to the last part of the story, and Nancy even ties it into Vampi's origin. So much to like about this series! If DE is publishing a better book right now, I'd be hard pressed to say what it is (although Joe Linsner's Dawn/Vampirella has been very good in its own right).