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    Originally posted by pulphero View Post
    True enough. But then Dynamite's The Shadow comic book isn't Walter Gibson's pulp Shadow either. Neither is Matt Wagner's take on The Spirit perfectly in sync with Will Eisner's, nor are the King Features adventure heroes in Dynamite's comics the same as they were in the classic newspaper strips. All of them involve "much more modern twists / sensibilities". That may seem a little more obvious with Golden Age comic heroes only to the degree that they were originally slightly more juvenile than our other examples.
    But with The Shadow and The Spirit (among others), they do seem to try to embrace more aspects of the original material. In Project Superpowers, there's really not much that remains beyond costumes and some of the names.


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      Originally posted by MajorHoy View Post
      But with The Shadow and The Spirit (among others), they do seem to try to embrace more aspects of the original material. In Project Superpowers, there's really not much that remains beyond costumes and some of the names.

      I disagree. DE's Shadow has taken some major liberties of interpretation at variance with the pulp novels (even the ones not written by Gibson). With the PSP characters, it isn't so much that they've changed things from the original comic books. Well, they've changed them, but mainly after the fact of their recorded Golden Age adventures. It's more like that they've added a lot of detail to those characters, all at once. Those are details that took decades to accumulate in the mythos of ongoing characters like Superman and Batman that are just as old, and started out just as simple and undetailed... but in general the PSP characters aren't contradicting the Golden Age stories (except where the stories were inconsistent to begin with, say for example Green Lama or Daredevil), whereas with a character like The Shadow, Dynamite's stories directly contradict some things about the character established by the pulp novel original version. Is Matt Wagner's Ebony (apart from how he's drawn) consistent with Will Eisner's Ebony? I don't think so. So no, I'm not really seeing a huge difference here, if you're arguing that the PSP versions aren't faithful to the original versions, while other adapted characters DE has done from pulps and comic strips are faithful (or are at least more faithful). As a matter of fact, some of the alterations made to the Shadow seem completely unnecessary to adapt the character to comics for a modern audience, while it seems obvious to me that the PSP heroes can't possibly be written as simply as they were in the Golden Age stories and be marketable to modern comic book readers. Complex characterization simply wasn't a hallmark of Golden Age comic book stories. They haven't written Superman and Batman the way they were written in Golden Age stories in many decades, either. If that's what you're looking for in a comic book, there are things like BIG BANG COMICS that did retro-style writing and artwork, and stories set in the original time periods when that was the style of comic book writing and art. I don't think anyone expects Dynamite to publish comics like that, nor do I think they are sustainable sales-wise (which I think Big Bang proved, as did things like Erik Larsen's THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT). I happen to love that stuff, but then I love reading (reprints or scans of) the original Golden Age comics, too. I don't confuse that with the idea that they're marketable to the general comics-reading audience.


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        Getting when they come out:

        JOHN CARTER: WARLORD OF MARS #13 -- Malsuni cover
        RED SONJA / CONAN #4 -- Benes cover

        Getting when I can afford them, most likely:

        VAMPIRELLA #1969
        MASKS 2 #8
        THE SHADOW VOL. 2 #4


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          Originally posted by MajorHoy View Post
          At the moment I plan on getting:
          * MASKS 2 #8 (Final Issue, but we new it was an eight-issue run going in)

          will probably trade-wait The Shadow, and undecided on the new Bond series. (Also undecided if I'll finish out the run for The Avenger or not.)
          One other entry I forgot:
          though I'll probably get it later on from some place like


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            For the stuff I plan on picking up, looks like both Masks 2 #8 and Will Eisner's The Spirit #5 are currently scheduled for 11/18/15.

            And now Project Superpowers: Blackcross #6 ( of 6 ) is expected to ship 11/25/15?
            (Back in the day, that issue was originally due out in August?)