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Writer Victor Gischler talks about Red Sonja/Conan #2, on sale now!

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  • Writer Victor Gischler talks about Red Sonja/Conan #2, on sale now!

    Writer Victor Gischler talks about Red Sonja/Conan #2, on sale now!

    BYRON BREWER: Red Sonja has missed a very important battle as the issue commences. Was it fun to script those kinds of conflicting emotions for the She-Devil with a Sword?

    VICTOR GISCHLER: Yes, it was a HUGE battle, and Sonja finds that's she's missed the end of it. But who won the battle isn't the source of suspense as readers will easily be able to understand as the issue unfolds. Rather, what was it that turned the tide of the battle and the question "Where's Conan?" are the important concerns at play.

    BB: What can you tell us about bloodroot?

    VG: It is a VERY dangerous herb introduced in Gail Simone and Jim Zub's arc. It can grow out of control, laying waste to entire lands. But the wizard in this story is attempting to use it in a more sophisticated way ... but still SO DANGEROUS! Sort of like trying to finesse an atom bomb.

    BB: As a writer, finding voices for characters is key. From your perspective, describe the chemistry and relationship between Conan and Red Sonja,

    VG: I think they both recognize and understand they are extraordinary people and that's a link for them. No common person can fully understand what it's like to be a living legend. Conan and Sonja live it every day. So they share that and it's kind of a bond for them. They are both in the "larger than life" club. That's the basis for the chemistry -- mixed with genuine respect. I think that's why even if they haven't seen each other for years, they easily fall back into that friendship when they do reunite. There is sexual tension too, but even if that were removed there would be the respect and friendship.

    BB: So, Victor, what was your strategy for writing this arc?

    VG: I wanted to give people the bloody slash and hack they expect and demand from a comic like this, but also dangle the carrot of suspense in front of readers, leading them on to the next issue. Yes, Conan and Sonja are neck deep in trouble, swords are swinging, but that "really important thing" is still just over the horizon. Don't worry. We'll get there.

    BB: Can you give us any non-spoiler hints as to what is coming for us in issue #3 of this miniseries?

    VG: Sonja gets a bit more face time in issue #2, so we'll be returning the favor to Conan in #3. But of course the BEST fun is when they're together, so don't worry. It'll happen.