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Alien/Vampirella #2 Continuity Errors

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  • Alien/Vampirella #2 Continuity Errors

    When a writer who is unfamiliar with a particular character, in this case Vampirella, doesn't do her research into basic facts about the character's make up, it diminishes the enjoyment of regular readers and fans who know the character well. The facts in question pertain to issue number 2 of Alien/Vampirella, where the following continuity error with regard to Vampirella's DNA or general make up are concerned:
    • Vampirella is alive--she is NOT UNDEAD. Undead implies that she started off human was attacked by an undead creature, i.e., vampire, died, and came back as a vampire.
    • Vampire CANNOT turn people into vampires--Archie Goodwin established this in issue number 12.

    I wish someone at Dynamite Entertainment would provide writers with the a relevant copy of the Archives before they start writing. It is really distracting when a writer cannot capture these basic facts about a character with such history. I wish there was some way to convey this information to the writer.

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    It is likely that this is in the universe with the Vampirella who appeared in the Shadowhawk crossover, then.


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      seems to be a recurring theme with Dynamite stories/writers. the purgatori rubbish had the hilarious stupidity of putting in quotes about purgatori trying to get back to her base at the Luxor despite it having been demolished by having a jet crash into in in the chaos story.


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        Might it be possible that it's simply not trying to be in the same precise continuity with what has been before?


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          Originally posted by ChastMastr View Post
          Might it be possible that it's simply not trying to be in the same precise continuity with what has been before?
          not according to the blurb or other plot points. what would even be the point of that anyway? write a story, write a follow-up with just odd bits you fancy? you'd get the comic equivalent of Highlander II ~ which, in fact, is probably a fine comparison for the atrocious handling of the Chaos properties.


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            Originally posted by Scarlette View Post
            what would even be the point of that anyway?
            To write the story they want to write.

            I've enjoyed the first Alien movie or two, but quite frankly, I don't have a desperate need to combine the Alien franchise with Vampirella at all, so I'm just ignoring the series. I wouldn't expect them to be in the same universe, so I'm content to just assume it's set on its own little Earth off in the same multiverse as Archie/Punisher or whatnot.


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              well i get what you're saying but that's a different aspect altogether.
              firstly the Aliens thing is a broad concept - the fact that these creatures exist, there's loads of them and therefore you can put some of them in virtually any other universe within reason. the chaos thing is all about one set of characters and the purgatori story followed on from where the other one ended, except the dork who wrote it obviously hadn't bothered reading any of it to keep the continuity going. if you did purgatori vs aliens, fair enough - stupid, but whatever; any plot issues would theorectically be self-contained. but to keep the aliens theme, the chaos/purgatori thing would be like cameron doing aliens and saying that ripley et al had to return to the Nostromo to fight the aliens again.