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    I like Tales From the Crypt, huge fan of most of what's been put out there, TV Series, comics, etc. I've been spending a ton of cash slowly collecting the EC Archives from Dark Horse. With Dark Horse, doing new versions of Creepy & Eerie, I don't know why they wouldn't go for it since they ARE the folks also putting out the reissues.

    Closest I could compare a future Crypt series for Dynamite is their Twilight Zone stuff. They have made story arcs, and not anthologies I suppose so it is difficult to compare. I don't mind the Twilight Zone stuff, I've bought it all up. Some has been awesome, some just okay. It hasn't been consistent I guess you could say.

    Personally I would prefer an anthology series using Dynamite's pulp characters and/or setting. Cool retro space adventures, Doc Savage/Phantom/etc in small little adventures, characters in odd settings, crossing over with each other... all in one self contained comic.

    FYI, great post pulphero.


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      A "pulp" anthology sounds like a good idea. The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Avenger, The Spider and even Zorro. Maybe Tarzan, the Lone Ranger and a couple others
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