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Frank Barbiere talks The Precinct #4

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  • Frank Barbiere talks The Precinct #4

    BYRON BREWER: Frank, are you finding writing a book of this nature fun?

    FRANK BARBIERE: Iím really enjoying finding my own balance of steampunk and crime, and also infusing it with some fantasy and magic. I knew from the start that the book would incorporate many elements I donít usually get to put in, but itís fun to have these new elements in the mix and see where it takes the story.

    BB: What is the most challenging aspect of Mort and Jo as a team?

    FB: To make sure that they each bring a very real viewpoint to the table. Mort and Jo are true opposites in terms of strategy, approach and perspective on the worldóitís important for the reader to see that in every decision they make to bring their character to light.

    BB: What do you think of Crizam Zamoraís interpretation of the Steampunk World?

    FB: Crizam has been doing an amazing job. People donít often realize that most artists have to design elements of the book issue by issue, and Crizam has really risen to the occasion and continues to do inspired and excellent work. Iím glad to have such a talented artistic collaborator for a book with such a lush, interesting world.

    BB: So who IS the Hooded Man? (Non-spoilery, of course.)

    FB: The Hooded Man brings a mysterious, third faction into our political struggle. Iím hoping that readers were really banking on corruption in one of the two establishments, and that the introduction of this mysterious x factor reignites the mystery for them.

    BB: In March, we are at the penultimate issue. Will we see any more of Mort and Jo after this initial mini folds?

    FB: As of now, The Precinct is set as just this miniseries, but I really do enjoy the characters so only time will tell!

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