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Ande Parks talks Seduction of the Innocent #4

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  • Ande Parks talks Seduction of the Innocent #4

    Dynamite March 2016 Interview: Ande Parks @ Seduction of the Innocent #4

    BYRON BREWER: Ande, I cannot tell you how I am enjoying this book. It certainly is not what you expect. Has it been a fun one to write?

    ANDE PARKS: Absolutely. This is kind of a dream gig for me. I get to write a bunch of tough guys in fedoras, in a setting I adore, and with generally despicable violence happening all around. What more could a man ask for?

    On top of the joy of writing many things I really enjoy, I get to see Esteve Polls turn my ideas into stunning reality. More on that later...

    BB: With #4 and the finale, at least of this iteration of the mini, would you say you told the story you set out to tell?

    AP: Yes, and ... in a way, it ended up being more than I initially intended. The title of the series reflects the theme of the series. I always knew that, but I wasn't sure if I had the guts to really carry that theme to the conclusion the characters deserved. When I got to the crucial moments of the final issue, I just went for it. As a result, I think the story delivers what it promised early on, and in a big way.

    BB: The title itself is about what happens with FBI Agent Thomas Jennings herein, but as writer can you discuss a bit the changes in this character since issue #1?

    AP: Jennings serves as the focal point for the series' themes, and he's the eyes of the reader. Through his somewhat naive point of view, we can enter the dark world Jennings is trying to navigate. What sets our story apart, I hope, is that we don't let Jennings or the reader off the hook. He can't walk into these dark places and just illuminate them with his force of will. He is forced to compromise ... to make difficult choices that might shatter his life. If we've done our jobs well, our readers will get to experience that pain though Thomas' eyes.

    BB: Esteve Polls has been knocking the art on this series out of the park! Thoughts?

    AP: Yeah ... as I alluded to earlier, getting to write this book has been a delight for me, on several levels. Not the least of this is that I get to watch as Esteve turns my ideas into reality. He always gives me back more than I asked for. He excels at making these characters and their anguish tangible, and at giving the settings real weight. He was perfect for this book. I'm really proud to have been able to tell this story with him.

    BB: Would you like to see a book of “horrific tales of true crime in the Dynamite tradition” continue?

    AP: Oh God, yes! Anytime Nick wants more period crime stories, I'm ready. And it would be fantastic to see other creators take on this kind of story. I feel really fortunate: I got to write Westerns stories in the pages of Lone Ranger for several years, and now I got to write a “true” crime story that pays homage to the vintage comics I have always loved. Next up ... Romance?

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