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Kate Leth talks the new, re-"vamped" Vampirella #1

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  • Kate Leth talks the new, re-"vamped" Vampirella #1

    Kate Leth talks Vampirella #1, on sale in March from Dynamite

    BYRON BREWER: Kate, tell us how you came to be attached to this exciting new re-“vamp” (lol) of Dynamite icon Vampirella?
    KATE LETH: Through the wonder that is Gail Simone, who brought me on to be part of all the amazing things she's doing at Dynamite.
    BB: As the writer of the new Vampirella book, tell us your perception of this long-running character.
    KL: Vampirella is a really interesting character with quite a varied history. Sometimes she's serious, sometimes she's camp, and there's a lot to play with. I'm excited to show a whole variety of sides of her and really show her teeth.
    BB: Will you be drawing inspiration from any other Vampi runs, or is this book a new interpretation entirely?
    KL: This is a new style, for sure, and a new direction for the character, but I'm taking bits and pieces from all throughout her history as well as from the world of horror. It's funny, I don't watch much in the way of modern horror, but I love B-movies and classic Universal Monsters-type films, and this story very much plays into those themes. Eman Casallos' art, which is incredible, is such a joy to look at and I think makes our book pretty special. He can show both humor and horror so well, and the action …! It's to die for.

    BB: Are Vampirella, monster hunting and Hollywood a challenge to mix?
    KL: They go together better than you'd expect, actually. I'm in the process of moving to LA, so there are familiar elements of being a foreigner in a foreign land mixed in with our story. Hollywood is a very strange place, and it makes sense to have strange characters populating it. It's a short leap to demons and magic, really.
    BB: So, non-spoilery, what can you tell us about the first arc of this new Vampirella book?
    KL: I can tell you there will be kissing and killing, and a whole lot of camp. It's definitely a Vampirella book for folks who've never tried Vampirella, but there are plenty of nods to the classics in there, too. She's taking control of herself and her image in a new way, and we get to follow her as she navigates this new city. It's as much about fame and relationships as it is monsters, I can tell you that much. And, no spoilers here: it's beautiful.

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