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Frank Barbiere talks Dejah Thoris #3

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  • Frank Barbiere talks Dejah Thoris #3

    Frank Barbiere talks Dejah Thoris #3, on sale in April from Dynamite

    BYRON BREWER: So Frank, how are you enjoying Dynamite’s new take on one of its favorite cover girls, Deja Thoris?

    FRANK BARBIERE: It's been a great and rewarding experience. Dejah isn't a character I ever expected to write, so it's been a unique opportunity and I've grown to love the character. I'm very thankful that Dynamite gave me the chance, and for the great initial story ideas from Gail Simone.

    BB: Did you do any extra research for this more militaristic Dejah?

    FB: I've had to invent a whole new supporting cast, and that's been a lot of fun. I wouldn't say I did any additional research, but there's a lot of mining the Burroughs mythology and learning a lot of the "language' of the world. As a writer, that stuff is a blast and always enriches the work.

    BB: Tell us some specifics about the “Army of Barsoom” please.

    FB: So what we're dealing with is the People's Army of Barsoom. It's basically a mercenary army that has risen up out of a distrust of Helium's army (led by none other than warlord John Carter) and populated by hardened commoners. They are certainly a rough group, and they don't let just anyone in. They've provided Dejah with a place to foster a whole new side of her character, and it's been a real blast fleshing out the different, new characters who make up the infrastructure of the group.

    BB: What does artist Francesco Manna bring to this alien table?

    FB: Francesco, along with colorist Morgan Hickman, has been doing outstanding work. The style of the book is just beautiful, and as we move forward there are a lot of diverse locations and characters that the art team is just knocking out of the park. I couldn't be happier with my artistic collaborators, and think fans will love the style they've brought to Dejah!

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