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David Avallone talks Twilight Zone: The Shadow #1 (of 4)

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  • David Avallone talks Twilight Zone: The Shadow #1 (of 4)

    David Avallone talks Twilight Zone: The Shadow #1, on sale in April from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Wow, David, Dynamite has done some weird mashups before (Alice Cooper and the Chaos crew, anyone?). But the Shadow in Rod Serling’s world?

    DAVID AVALLONE: It was a challenging concept. When Joseph Rybandt asked me to think about it, I realized that the Shadow and the Twilight Zone have some things in common. The Shadow is an extraordinary being, and ordinary people cross his path and tend to learn a lesson about themselves … and either they change (and sometimes even become his agents, like Harry Vincent) or they suffer the consequences. The same thing tends to happen to people who find themselves in the Twilight Zone.

    BB: For this miniseries, will we be seeing the Shadow the entire run or will there be a different character featured in each issue, finding themselves in the TZ?

    DA: It’s the Shadow’s story for the whole run. In spite of that, he still finds himself in a variety of guises, as he often does even in a standard Shadow adventure. No spoilers.

    BB: I know you love pulp characters. What was it like to examine the Shadow through this weird lens?

    DA: The Twilight Zone teaches ordinary mortals a lesson. The Shadow is not an ordinary mortal, and what could the Master of Men possibly have to learn? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

    BB: Can you tell us a little about the storyline?

    DA: Given the nature of a Twilight Zone story, it’s very hard to avoid spoilers and tell you much. Let’s say the Shadow’s trip through the Twilight Zone involves some surprising stops, and he has to face himself, just like any other visitor.

    BB: How is it working with artist Dave Acosta?

    DA: I specifically requested Dave for this. We worked together before, on Altered States: Doc Savage, and I really liked his sense of composition, his staging of action, and the clean look he gave to our 1930s. And so far, Dave has far surpassed my expectations. The art is gorgeous. We created a Pinterest board to share photo references, and he had great ideas for “casting” the main characters. I can’t wait for people to see it.

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    I'm actually really, really looking forward to this. Such a great idea to bring these two franchises together!


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      Me, too. I don't know how he plans to play this, if it's all one big continued story, but it would almost be more interesting to see The Shadow intersect with the Twilight Zone at different points in his career. Perhaps the first issue dealing with something that happened to Kent Allard as the Dark Eagle during World War One, the second issue a story taking place at the height of his 1930s battle against crime, another issue set after the events of Howard Chaykin's Midnight In Moscow, and another issue set during The Shadow Now. As The Twilight Zone series itself encompassed different tones and genres of story, from light fantasy to dark supernatural fantasy to science fiction, each of the stories could fit into a different tone or genre, too.
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