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Jim Terry, artist and co-writer, talks about Alice Cooper vs. Chaos #6

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  • Jim Terry, artist and co-writer, talks about Alice Cooper vs. Chaos #6

    Jim Terry, artist and co-writer, talks about Alice Cooper vs. Chaos #6, on sale now from Dynamite.

    BYRON BREWER: Jim, you have certainly put a lot of yourself into this book as both artist and co-writer. Looking back, is there anything either script-wise or artistically you may have done different in retrospect?

    JIM TERRY: Well, artistically I want to redo everything I did the day after it's done, so I try to let that go once it's over. As far as the script, Tim and I threw ideas at each other like a pie fight, and there are some I wish we'd have more room to develop. We wanted this to be a "put your seatbelt on" story and I think we accomplished that, but there are a few things that we could have spent some more time explaining/exploiting if we had a bit more room.

    BB: Now that, with issue #6, Alice Cooper vs. Chaos is about to conclude, did you and co-writer Tim Seeley tell the story you started out to tell? Were there any intriguing sideroads you did not get to take you'd maybe like to explore in a spinoff series?

    JT: Again, there were so many stories and characters we were trying to wrangle into six issues, so some things got the shorthand version. I would like to explore Alice's place in the dreamworld a bit more, there are many levels of plot and characterization that are just waiting to be discovered there, and as it relates to THIS story it may have put more things into context -- as well as added gravity.

    BB: What was your favorite design you had an opportunity to do for this book?

    JT: Most of the designs were in place and I put my "old school" spin on them, but I was able to conjure up “Evil” Alice and give him his physicality -- which I enjoyed. I'm sure if I sat and thought about it, I could pin down many of the subconscious influences that sank into that guy, but at the time it just flowed and felt fun. The tree creature was a blast to draw as well.

    BB: So who is more evil: Mistress Hel or Evil Alice?

    JT: Mistress Hel has the power, but she's a little bit emo. I think that if Evil Alice rose to his full potential, there'd be a heavy metal reckoning.

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