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Corinna Bechko talks Lords of the Jungle #3 (of 6), on sale in May

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  • Corinna Bechko talks Lords of the Jungle #3 (of 6), on sale in May

    Writer Corinna Bechko talks about Lords of the Jungle #3 (of 6), on sale in May from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Corinna, you have adapted many franchises from other media to the comic book page in your career. How has it been adapting Burroughs’ Tarzan? Is there any film/TV iteration you are patterning?

    CORINNA BECHKO: I went back and read as well as watched quite a bit of Tarzan before tackling this project, but in the end I decided to not pattern him too closely to any one iteration. That’s because he’s been presented in many different ways, and I didn’t want this new book to feel like a retread – I wanted it to be fresh. That said, I tried to stay true to some of his most basic character traits: his loyalty to Jane, to his home, and his willingness to fight for what he believes to be right.

    BB: Tell us who the Ape Man is, in your view as the writer?

    CB: I feel like Tarzan and I share a love of the natural world, and that makes him easier to write than he might be otherwise. A lot of people tend to think of Tarzan as macho, but I feel that he is a strong man, both physically and morally, who understands this about himself and uses it to advantage to protect the things he holds dear. He doesn’t lash out with provocation, and he knows that his reputation can be as much of a weapon as his fists.

    BB: You are known for a portrayal of strong women, but not only is Sheena out of the jungle and in London, but out of time as well. How is she coping as of #3, coming in May?

    CB: Sheena likes to be in control of things, and I think that being displaced in time as well as space makes her not only uncomfortable, but also a bit angry. She’s a lot younger than Tarzan in this story, and more ready to act without thinking. She’s ready to meet London head-on, but that’s not always the best idea!

    BB: What role does Jane play in this team-up, if at all?

    CB: Jane is absolutely central! She’s the reason that Tarzan has left his home, and she’s the anchor the story revolves around. She’s also going to be very important to its resolution.

    BB: Corinna, by May you will be halfway through the miniseries. What character is starting to become your favorite herein?

    CB: That’s such a hard question to answer! Sheena is fun to write because she’s so headstrong and confident. But Tarzan is old enough in this time period to be a bit seasoned – he’s seen a lot during his decades on Earth – and that’s satisfying to script in a different way. Can I have rotating favorites? If not, I’m going with Cheetah, because I’ve always loved the impulsivity of chimpanzees.

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