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Kate Leth talks Vampirella #3, on sale in May

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  • Kate Leth talks Vampirella #3, on sale in May

    Writer Kate Leth talks about Vampirella #3, on sale in May from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Kate, a lot of fan opinion back and forth about the new Vampirella. That’s a good thing, right?

    KATE LETH: I've been seeing a lot of awesome response, a lot of people picking up the book for the first time, which was what I really hoped to do with the character -- make her accessible. It's fun to show people I can do sexy and spooky, especially alongside so many all-ages books. I'm having a blast, and I hope the readers will too!

    BB: What is the secret in keeping classic Vampi alive while still going forward in a brave new world?

    KL: Giving her a distinct voice. Vampirella's a vampire from space, but in Hollywood she's almost the ordinary character flung into an extraordinary world. I think it's really fun to take someone so supernaturally powerful and play her as -- pun intended -- the straight man. It's also making her world more reflective of ours, more funny and irreverent. You've got to acknowledge how wild and campy it is, but with a lot of love.

    BB: As you say, you have almost made Vampirella’s new environs of Hollywood a character unto itself thus far in the book. Will we be seeing more exploration of the different sides of “Tinsel Town”?

    KL: Absolutely. Issue #3 [on sale in May] actually has us visiting a shop based on one of my favourite stores in LA. There will continue to be more jokes about extras and the insanity that is the film industry here.

    BB: Any hints at what readers can expect as issue #3 approaches, especially as regards the mysterious Slade?

    KL: Issue #3 has us exploring parts of her past, how she came to be what she is, and how dangerous she really is. Slade is not a woman made bad by some tragic happening. She's evil for evil's sake, and built an empire on it. For any more than that, I'd say pick up Vampirella #3!

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