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Nancy Collins talks to Kate Leth about Vampirella #2, on sale this week!

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  • Nancy Collins talks to Kate Leth about Vampirella #2, on sale this week!

    Nancy Collins, writer of Army of Darkness: Furious Road #2 (and former writer of a Vampirella book), talks with writer Kate Leth about Vampirella #2, both on sale this week from Dynamite.

    Nancy Collins: Congratulations on taking over the Vampirella monthly title. Can you tell the readers how your interpretation of Vampi differs from the previous iterations on the character? Is she the space vampire from Drakulon, the last daughter of Lilith, or something else altogether?

    Kate Leth: Thanks! And yeah, she’s still a space vampire from Drakulon, although we’re not really dealing with her origin much in this particular arc.

    NC: I see that you kept Coleridge and Tristan from my previous run on the series. Will there be other characters from Vampi’s past making appearances now that she has relocated to Hollyweird?

    KL: Other than those two (who I loved from your run) it’s almost all new characters! I really wanted the book to have a “stranger in a strange land” kind of feel -- a fish out of water, so to speak. Populating it with new monsters and bizarre characters has been a lot of fun.

    NC: Can you give readers a little more information about the characters of Juliette Court and Genevieve, and how do they relate to Vampirella as well as each other?

    KL: Juliette and Genevieve have a checkered history together, which we’ll see as the series goes on. There’s a lot there, both good and bad. Both of them come into Vampirella’s life separately, but they’re too intertwined to stay apart. Their story is pretty central to the whole plot, and I’m rather fond of them.

    NC: Vampirella’s decision to publicly come out as a vampire and monster hunter—especially at a comic con--is an interesting one. How did you come to make that choice for her?

    KL: Comic cons are the weirdest of the weird, aren’t they? I thought it would be fun to do a play on hiding in plain sight -- after all, a vampire from space can’t possibly be real, can it? Her decision is a ploy to draw out her new nemesis, and it’s all about unexpected tactics. The results are… well, you know!

    NC: What can Vampirella fans look forward to in the months to come? What tricks or treats do you have up your sleeves?

    KL: More monsters, more fighting, more romance and angst. Werewolves and mummies and haunted house parties. Need I say more?

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