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Phil Hester talks Gold Key: Alliance #4 (of 5), on sale in July

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  • Phil Hester talks Gold Key: Alliance #4 (of 5), on sale in July

    Phil Hester talks Gold Key: Alliance #4 (of 5), on sale in July from Dynamite.

    BYRON BREWER: Phil, as the penultimate issue of your tale (#4, July) arrives, what have been the greatest challenges about teaming this gang of classic characters?

    PHIL HESTER: Juggling the disparate casts and locales, for sure. Thankfully, we settled the fact that all these events are taking place on our Earth in 2016, but weíre still jumping between Asia, Africa, New York and the southwestern U.S. throughout. Also, every hero is embroiled in a different caper with their own distinct villains and allies. Of course, it all gets weirder in this issue.

    BB: Is there any character who has become your favorite during the course of this tale? One you might want to write in solo action?

    PH: I knew I would like Turok best, and I feel his world is the best realized so far, but Iím surprised by the affinity Iíve developed for Doctor Solar. True confession: Iíve always felt Solar was kind of a cold fish, no matter the incarnation, so to find myself getting into the character was a surprise.

    BB: Whatís up with Doctor Spektor?

    PH: Youíre about to find out.

    BB: How have you enjoyed artist Brent Peeplesí rendering of your adventure?

    PH: Itís been a true joy to watch him develop over the course of the series. Heís gone from a promising newcomer to series MVP in four short issues. I just wish I had more space to give him each issue to show off.

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