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    Any news on a new Red Sonja?

    I am very pleased the 'new' direction has come to a close. Lets forget this nonsense and get Sonja back to basics.

    I would vote for some stories which are just classic action stories - not ones trying to be clever or pc, just back to Roy Thomas' vision of the character.

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    I wouldn't mind getting back to those basics. Thomas's Sonja had humor, flaws, determination, and a sense of adventure, and above all was the hero in her stories. Simone and Bennett seemed to want to fix what was never broken to begin with. The first volume did need a break from arc after arc of unrelentingly grim war machine Sonja, for sure, but she didn't need to be turned into a simplistic parody of Conan to do it like Simone did, making her a drunken, illiterate, uncouth whore who gets laid by buying sex slaves. Bennett's version has been better than that farce but the story is a poor mash up of the Swords of Sorrow villain with a patina of a facile socio-political rant about the evils of xenophobia and jingoism. I hope they get a writer who appreciates and knows some basics about Howard's set up for the Hyborian world and knows how to do a sword and sorcery tale. I'd love it if they got Roy to come back for a limited run to reset the character to fun instead of SJW social engineering and facile political posturing.