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Andy Diggle talks Control #2, on sale in July

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  • Andy Diggle talks Control #2, on sale in July

    Andy Diggle talks Control #2, on sale in July from Dynamite.

    BYRON BREWER: Andy, Control certainly seems like a “ripped from the headlines” comic book for our times. What can you tell us about the storyline, for the uninitiated?

    ANDY DIGGLE: It's a conspiracy thriller set in Washington DC. A routine homicide investigation leads Detective Kate Burnham into confrontation with the Washington DC power elite. It's about sex, power and murder. All the good stuff!

    BB: Is the political arena a background you enjoy when approaching crime drama? If so, why?

    AD: It's more about power structures that politics per se. Power being the means by which control is asserted -- personal, political, professional and sexual. It's about who has it and who doesn't.

    BB: Is the Control plot reflective of any particular suspected conspiracies existing in real-life Washington? If not, can you cite a source of your inspiration for the book?

    AD: I'm not claiming it's based on reality, but the seed of the story came from some of the more lurid allegations centered around Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his ilk.

    BB: You are co-writing with your wife, Angela Cruickshank. Can you tell us a little about your process?

    AD: Ange has always been a huge help with my writing, just acting as a sounding board. She has a great feel for character. This time we wanted to make it official. We brainstormed the plot outline together, then she writes the first draft script, I rewrite, and on we go until you can't see the join any more. This is the fourth series I've co-written and it's always refreshing adding another voice to the mix.

    BB: Tell us: Who is Detective Sergeant Kate Burnham?

    AD: She's a very private person, something of a dark horse; she doesn't open up to her colleagues, which they can find somewhat frustrating. That's very deliberate; the series is about privacy, what's in the public interest and what isn't. She's also somewhat frustrated about having hit the glass ceiling at work, with her career being in the control of powerful men. So there's a coiled tension inside her which we'll see play out in the series.

    BB: Do you think co-writing with a female writing partner (Angela or any other) as opposed to a male writing partner gives a female lead like Kate Burnham a different perspective (for lack of a better term) in a story involving sex and crime, or is that itself a ‘sexist’ supposition?

    AD: People are people. You just try and write humans.

    BB: As of issue #2, what exactly do we the readers know about the killer, if you could sum up?

    AD: He's very professional, very lethal and has nothing resembling a conscience. Also by the end of issue #2, you're really going to want him dead.

    BB: What makes Andrea Mutti the right artist for this crime thriller?

    AD: I've been a fan of Andrea's work for years and we've talked about working together for a long time, so it's great that we've finally gotten to do it. His grounded, gritty style is a perfect fit for this kind of seedy crime tale. His version of the Washington DC underworld is fantastically grimy. You can practically smell it.

    BB: Any particular hints of what is to come next – especially with the surviving witness?

    AD: Things get ugly. Uglier. And Kate gets in way over her head.

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