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Scott Lobdell talks Army of Darkness/Xena: Forever … and a Day #1

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  • Scott Lobdell talks Army of Darkness/Xena: Forever … and a Day #1

    Scott Lobdell talks Army of Darkness/Xena: Forever … and a Day #1, on sale in October from Dynamite.

    BYRON BREWER: Scott, I have always been a big fan of your work, particularly what you did with X-Men after Chris Claremont departed. What brings you to Dynamite for this mash-up adventure?

    SCOTT LOBDELL: Aw, how sweet of you to say! Well, as you can see by my following the esteemed Mr. C. after his 17-year-odd run that I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. (They told me I was crazy when I volunteered to write the first X-Men/Star Trek!) So when editor Anthony Marques asked me to write an AoD/Xena crossover, how could I possibly say no?

    BB: Are you a fan of either the Ash/Army of Darkness or Xena franchise? Both have fiercely loyal core audiences.

    SL: That is like asking if I am fan of chocolate milk or air conditioning! (Though, admittedly, I’ve never been to either a chocolate milk or an air conditioning convention – so maybe not the best comparison.) I am eagerly looking forward to delighting both fiercely loyal core audiences!

    BB: In both television and in her Dynamite comics, Xena has always been a very serious character (even though fighting Harpies in ancient Rome, lol). What are the challenges involved in mixing this with Ash’s dark comedy/horror-filled world?

    SL: While there was certainly a lot of drama and morality everywhere [in Xena], there was a lot of humor woven throughout the series – as an example, they didn’t shy away from anachronisms if one suited the occasion. “Comedy of Eros”, “Been There, Done That” and “A Day In The Life” are only three examples of classic character-driven comedy from Xena and company!

    BB: Elephant in the room: Since Xena and Ash come from different time periods (although that has never been a problem for Ash before), tell us of the time travel presumably involved here and when/where does Forever … and a Day take place? Does the time travel element have to do with the book title?

    SL: Oh for sure – the title is the story in this case! Without giving anything away, let me just say this epic has more in tune with the Back to the Future trilogy than, say, Groundhogs Day – though there is certainly some echoes of that here.

    I treated this story as what might be my first and only chance to ever write Xena – and so I wanted to make sure I got the opportunity to write as much Xena as I could! Xena the slayer of nations, Xena as Scourge of the Seven Seas, even newborn Xena. (Yes, I went there!) And those are only some of the Xena’s I got to write!

    BB: What can you tell us about the storyline?

    SL: We play off the fact that Xena and Ash have met before as the result of earlier crossovers – and that while not a sequel, it is clear that these two have a grudging respect for each other without necessarily toppling over into the arena of out-and-out friendship.

    BB: Scott, are there any other projects current or future you’d care to tell us about?

    SL: I don’t know! Nick? Anthony? Hello?! (smiles)

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