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The (Japanese) meaning of Vampirella :-)

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  • The (Japanese) meaning of Vampirella :-)

    This one made my day.

    Just for fun, I checked whether I could google Japanese Vampirella pics.
    (FYI: yes, I could, her katakana name is " バンピレラ ", and don't worry, no tentacles come up )
    Of course I translated back and forth a bit (it's about ba-pire-lai-la) and found a site
    that can also convert to Kanji. Here is the translation:
    Note that the kanji translation is highly dependent of the history (which was rather random
    at this moment, Inglip is a meme not related at all!) - the more remarkable was this special
    kanjis I got. Because the kanjis have stand alone meanings, and the meaning of these are,
    from left to right with a bit ignorance to grammar:

    Night princess with good manners.

    I still can't stop laughing. (And then I kanjified my own name, got "Praise fear" and died. )

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    Well, it seems accurate enough. She IS quite polite, I find.