Amy Chu talks KISS #2, on sale in November from Dynamite.

BYRON BREWER: Amy, I can imagine those that have known KISS down through the ages via comic books as picking up Dynamite’s KISS mag and saying, “Whoa! Wha…?” Instead of the usual cartoony chaos and Scoopy-like shenanigans, we have some pretty deep concepts here in issue #2, on sale in November, stemming from the KISS premiere issue. Why did you take the serious route with the iconic band?

AMY CHU: As you said, the Scooby approach has been done before. I just felt like it was the right time for something new and mind-blowing, especially with Dynamite picking up the franchise. We're in different times, and a lot of the KISS fan base is older and more mature now. I'm a big fan of Scoobiness. Scooby is fun and entertaining, but it's not mind-blowing.

BB: Noa, Eran, Alex and Adi seem to be taking the heroic lead in this dark tale. Will KISS – and individual members of KISS – have their time in the limelight, and is there a concern with this book of “not enough KISS”?

AC: It's a KISS world, and I think fans will see a little of themselves in our four young heroes. This is about expanding the KISS mythology, not just who they are but also what they do and represent. It's like, do Obi-Wan and Yoda get enough screen time in Star Wars? It's not about the actual airtime but the IMPACT of their appearances.

BB: What can you tell us about MORPHEUS?

AC: MORPHEUS was pulled from the lyrics of “Music from the Elder”. It's an ancient computer in Blackwell long forgotten, now discovered by the kids. And it's full of secrets ...

BB: This adventure stems from a number of KISS’s works, I believe, especially, as you just mentioned, “Music from the Elder.” Can you tell us just some of the elements (like MORPHEUS) readers will see that were derived from those hours of watching concert footage and listening to KISS classics?

AC: It's mostly “Music from the Elder” but you're going to see some familiar themes, graphic elements, and costumes from the entire KISS spectrum. And a lot of Easter eggs ...

BB: What do you think of those fantastic covers for issues #1 and #2? The photo variant for #2 should be a poster!

AC: Not exaggerating -- I was over the moon with the covers. No one prepared me for how amazing they would be. I'm buying a ton just for myself!

BB: Speaking of art, Kewber Baal and his wife Schimrys are making a pretty good tandem on the interiors. Have you ever worked with a husband/wife art team before, maybe the Allreds? What do you think of their interpretation of your high-concept scripts?

AC: Schimrys is the KISS fanatic in that team so I think that's pretty awesome. I love their passion and enthusiasm for the project, and the attention to worldbuilding. Kewber's been nailing the facial expressions too, which is tough, makeup or no makeup. This is my first time working with an art couple team before – it certainly makes some communication easier. I've had dinner with the Allreds, but never collaborated, which I hope to change soon!

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