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Andy Diggle talks the series grand finale, Control #6, on sale in November

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  • Andy Diggle talks the series grand finale, Control #6, on sale in November

    Andy Diggle talks the series grand finale, Control #6, on sale in November from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Andy, you and your wife Angela certainly have given us an exciting ride with Control. How did this collaboration work for you?

    ANDY DIGGLE: It was our first time officially working together as creators -- unless you count, y'know, the kids -- and I think it worked out really well. We compliment each other's strengths. I tend to be quite plot and conspiracy oriented, whereas Angela approaches things from a more empathic, character-oriented point of view. I can totally see us working together again in the future -- maybe on something creator-owned next time.

    BB: Kate has certainly proven a formidable character in Control. No one knows what the climax of #6, publishing in November, will hold for her (except you two), but would either of you be interested in spinning another series around Detective Burnham if the opportunity presented itself?

    AD: Who says she'll make it out of the story alive? But hopefully we leave things in a fairly provocative place that, yeah, could lead on to future stories, though perhaps not in the most obvious way. The way things end up, it won't be business as usual. You'll see in issue #6 that things can't go back to the way they were.

    BB: Which character (aside from Kate) has been your favorite to script in this series, and what did that character add to the overall storyline of Control?

    AD: It has to be Verity Wade. I'd love to bring her front and center and make her the focus of any new stories moving forward.

    BB: How important was it that this series took place in Washington DC? Good locales often become characters in themselves for a story (Batmanís Gotham, for example). What kind of character and atmosphere did the Nationís Capitol lend to Kate Burnham?

    AD: It's the seat of power. That's what the series is about -- power and control. In ways that become pretty explicit in issue #6!

    BB: Speaking of atmosphere, artist Andrea Mutti brought the A-Game this time around, as Control was one beautiful series. How closely did you guys work with Andrea, and what is your assessment of the art?

    AD: Andrea's great. We've been talking about working together for years, and this was the perfect book for his talents. It helps that he's super-fast, and just the nicest guy. And Ben Oliver's covers are always killer. It's great to be part of such a talented team.

    BB: Publishers seem to be in the midst of a crime comics revival. Dynamite has many crime/noir titles out or coming, David Laphamís Stray Bullets returned and Titan Comics is launching an entire new imprint. Does Control fit in this scenario?

    AD: The crime comic revival's been going on for a long while now, thanks to books like Stray Bullets, 100 Bullets, Scalped and Criminal. We're just happy to contribute!

    BB: Andy, I know you are working on James Bond: Hammerhead for Dynamite. Any other projects coming up for either you or Angela? Perhaps joint assignments?

    AD: We could tell you. But then we'd have to kill you.

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