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    CHRIS SEBELA talks AGENT 47: BIRTH OF THE HITMAN #2, on sale in NOVEMBER from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Chris, with one issue under your belt as of this writing and starting on #2 coming from Dynamite in November, are you having any difficulty with the “voices” of any of the prime cast? Do you have actors in your head you may be hearing for each role? Can you tell us the cast of your head movie, as writer?

    CHRIS SEBELA: The hardest part of starting a book for me is figuring out who my characters are, what makes them tick and breathe and do the things they do. So I felt pretty confident about knowing who everyone was when I started in. Their voices take a little bit of writing to really figure out but by the end of the first issue’s script, I had everyone sort of figured out. I like to keep a little bit of mystery. Cast-wise, I dunno.

    BB: For readers who may be new to the franchise, what can you tell us about the relationship between 47 and 6? Are there any other “fellow subjects” who might figure into this tight relationship going forward?

    CS: They’re “brothers” for lack of a better word. They grew up together at the Institute and they bonded with each other. It’s a tricky relationship because they’re both raised to be killers but they both approach it differently. 47 is much more conflicted about what they do, he’s kind of the sensitive one. But mostly because he likes it a lot. 6 is much more blasé about it, but he keeps his humanity tucked away, broadcasts a much calmer exterior because he’s tasked himself with taking care of 47. There are plenty of other subjects, and we’ll briefly touch on some of them, but I want to keep the focus on 47 and 6’s relationship and how it evolves.

    BB: Tell us what you can about Diana’s new “sponsor.” It will be interesting to see how this early influence molds her into the character many of us know.

    CS: Her sponsor is a mysterious crime boss in London named Savi. She’s taken on Diana as a protégé of sorts mostly for her own amusement and as another tool in her grab bag of nefarious activities. There’s a lot you can do with 14-year-old girls who no one is going to look at twice. Diana is using her too, to try and put her in touch with the skills she’ll need to hunt down and kill the people responsible for her parents’ death. Like a lot of relationships, it gets complicated.

    BB: And what about the mysterious Dr. Ort-Meyer? We know what the Institute for Human Betterment is all about (kind of), but is there another end game Ort-Meyer was looking toward in its creation? What can you tell us (in a non-spoilery manner) about this, if anything?

    CS: Definitely going to get into that as we go and I have a lot of notes on this subject, so it’s a matter of how to make them all it in a way that’s still exciting and moves along at a clip. Especially as 47 and 6 are turning their crosshairs on the Institute and the Doctor, a lot will get uncovered.

    BB: What we have with Birth of the Hitman is literally that: the genesis of the gaming character we know (again, kind of). Will there be any perhaps memorable elements from the game (other than characters, etc.) to make their way into your comic book tale?

    CS: Maybe some of the kills? I’m approaching this the same way the games are, which is that this new series is kind of a streamlining and restatement of purpose. So I’m not letting myself get too hung up on past events outside of the past that makes up 47’s life leading up to him becoming who he is now.

    BB: Is working with an artist the caliber of Jonathan Lau having any bearing on the way in which you approach your scripts for Agent 47, especially as those first pages began rolling in?

    CS: Definitely. I try to write for the artist working on the book. Sometimes you don’t find out until later into the game but luckily I knew Jonathan was on board before I began writing a word. Knowing he’s drawing it, it gives me a lot of confidence to throw down something crazy in my scripts and not worry about it because I know however Jonathan decides to tell the story, it’s going to be much better than whatever I handed him.

    BB: Any hints at what is ahead in #3, on sale in December?

    CS: Without saying too much, #3 is where everything gets completely tossed ass over teakettle. If 1 was setting things up and #2 is the plan getting set up, #3 is where things start to come together in a big, explosive way, including a bit of world history that 47 secretly had a hand in making happen.

    Rating: Teen + Cover A: Jonathan Lau UPC: 725130262127 02011 Cover B: Gameplay Cover UPC: 725130262127 02021 Writer: Chris Sebela Art: Jonathan Lau Genre: Action, Media Tie-In Publication Date: November 2017 Format: Comic Book Page Count: 32 Pages ON SALE DATE: 11/8 As they travel across the globe on another mission, Subject 47 and his brother 6 begin to assemble their plan of attack against the Institute that made them who they are. A war on both their surrogate family of fellow subjects and a potential future spent as living weapons under someone else's control. While Diana Burnwood's new life in London has begun to blossom and her secret vendetta finds a new sponsor in the form of a crime boss all too eager to teach her new protege a few tricks how to get her hands dirty.