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    DAVID AVALLONE talks BETTIE PAGE #5, on sale in NOVEMBER from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Wait just a sec! We have a BETTIE PAGE #5 coming in November?! Mr. Avallone, you got some Ďsplaininí to do.

    DAVID AVALLONE: People seem to be liking the comic, so Dynamite Senior Editor Joseph Rybandt gave me the opportunity to do more issues. Iím pretty excited about itÖ itís the first time Iíve had a mini series extended. I put it all down to my star: who doesnít love Bettie Page?

    BB: So are there any major changes between the first Hollywood arc (BETTIE #1-4) and where we are now in the book?

    DA: Well, Bettie will be leaving Hollywood now, and her first stop will be a little place in Nevada that certain people are obsessed with. Itís not Las Vegas. After that, I think sheíll be taking a three-issue trip to Europe. After thatÖ I have some thoughts. If people keep buying the book, I will keep it crazy and exciting.

    BB: We talked once about the challenges of doing a book like BETTIE and how you were meeting that challenge. What new is fueling your creative juices now with this series?

    DA: As above, Iím still relatively new at this and Iíve never had an open-ended book before: my longest run was a five-issue miniseries. So now I get to let some things build more slowly and take my time. Thatís a wonderful thing. There will still be self-contained arcs Ė and issue #5 is a complete stand-alone story Ė but the arcs will all have connective tissue, beyond just our lovely heroine.

    BB: Why is it our poor pin-up gal is always finding herself involved with monsters? (Although when I think pop culture 1950, I think movie monsters, not ĎGreaseí.) What if anything can you tell us about the monsters-du-jour in #5?

    DA: I think itís slowly becoming obvious to anyone reading the series that Iím using The Secret Diary of Bettie Page as a vehicle to celebrate Bettie herself, but also the 1950s and everything fun and interesting about that decade. And what would the 1950s have been without giant radioactive monsters? I donít want to give away exactly what they are beyond that: I would like it if the page-turn reveal had maximum impact. But suffice to sayÖ horrible nightmare fuel.

    BB: With issue #4, Esau Figuoura took over the art duties on the comic How is this collaboration working for you?

    DA: Esau is very talented: his clean style matches the tone of the book, and Iíve had a great time working with him. I tend to go crazy on the research, and he really knows how to make use of it and integrate the stuff I send him into the book. And he draws a great Bettie.

    BB: Will we be seeing Bettie in the pages (see what I did there?) of any other series in the near future?

    DA: I canít announce the specifics yet, but comic book Bettie Page will be making an incredibly special appearance in an incredibly special place before the end of the year. Beyond thatÖ Iíve actually seeded the comic with secret connections to some other Dynamite properties. There are no plans for crossovers at this time, but Iím prepared for them should the possibility arise. Stay tuned!

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