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The Princess of Mars Returns

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  • The Princess of Mars Returns

    Amy Chu is tackling another of Dynamite's main heroine's, Dejah Thoris. The premise sounds promising, searching for a lost paradise on Mars, The Gardens of Mars. It's set before the novels with Carter so the story will be all Dejah, good so far. Amy has done a pretty good job with Sonja so I hope she can do the same with Dejah Thoris. The interior art looks good from the couple of preview shots. Dejah is wearing something similar to the last book but that's OK, it looks good so far. What is noticeable is how often the word princess comes up in the article. I wonder if that had anything to do with stripping Dejah of her title and her name in that last awful relaunch Simone dreamed up?

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    Yep, With Amy writing, I'm cautiously optimistic. Also, they had the sense to sex up the cover art.


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      Yup on the covers. Given Dynamite's penchant for alternate covers, having one or two sexy ones really shouldn't be too much to ask. I hope she'll have an antagonist with the kind of wit she gave Kulan Gath. I still think he's overused but she made his character more entertaining than is usually done. It would be great to have some of that sass here. It's something I love from pulp era serials where these characters came from.