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Creator Commentary: Pete Woods on Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #5, out NOW!

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  • Creator Commentary: Pete Woods on Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #5, out NOW!

    Creator Commentary: Artist Pete Woods on Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #5, in stores NOW from Dynamite!

    All right! Here we go on the final issue of Hero Killers! This was a very fun ride!

    Cover - So Matt Idelson had an idea he wanted to run with inspired by the Kerry Gammil covers for the Avengers Annual #14 and Fantastic Four Annual #19 waaay back in 1985. Basically the covers were two different perspectives on the same moment. Mine is from the Dimension 42 side of things while Ryanís variant is drawn from the Earth side of things. I was really happy with how this turned out.

    Page 1

    Poor Tim, An angry Black Terror on one side and an angry Mayor and assembled army of heroes on the other. It looks like itís all over for him.

    Page 2

    Finally Tim gets his moment of clarity. Sometimes thatís all you need in life. If things seem out of control for you, like maybe youíve (supposedly) murdered several people, lost an appendage or two, and have a rainbow scar on your face youíre covering with an oven mitt, it might be time to take a deep breath and look in the mirror. Really assess where your life has taken you and re-focus on your priorities.

    Page 3

    You know what? I understand where heís coming from, but Black Terror really is kind of a dick. Fortunately Sparky was there to ensure no one got hurtÖ

    Page 4

    Öwell, almost no one. This page did teach me that sentient meat-hammers make the best sound effects.

    Page 5

    Plot twist! Bad meat-hammer! Who could this mystery hand be?? Find out next time on page 6!

    Page 6

    Here come the baddies! Celeste went nuts coloring this page and I think it looks great. I do think throwing in the Black Terror action figure in the rubble may have been a bad decision on my part. I may have confused readers about who that is and why heís so small or the creatures are so big. I should have given it more thought. Sorry, folks!

    Page 7

    Yelling! Squishing! Monologging! Goodbye Blue Bolt whose bolt is actually yellow. Did no one ever mention that to him?

    Pages 8 and 9

    Mayhem! Trivia time: In the script, Xalgond was named Zaxxon. Old people will know why we couldnít get away with that.

    Pages 10 and 11

    Timís trying to do the right thing but the Mayor is a bit cranky thanks to losing his wife, his house, an alien invasion, and Tim beating up his lover. Thank goodness for orange dog-monsters. They always seem to show up right when you need Ďem.

    Page 12

    Okay. Iíll take the hit. Black Terrorís face in panel 6 looks pretty bad. What was I thinking?

    Page 13

    Take note, people. Dimensional portal guns arenít very useful if the dimension youíre porting to is 30 feet away. Iíll also bet having your junk turned inside out doesnít feel good.

    Page 14

    Drawing random monsters is a lot of fun. I just thought Iíd mention it. So is abusing big jerks with a portal gun.

    Page 15

    Who knew that page 16 from issue 1 would end up being important. I sure didnít and I draw this comic! I kinda suspect Ryan didnít know it would come back either. Sometimes we fly by the seat of our pants in this crazy business. I could be wrong about that, though.

    Page 16

    Monsters running amok, but our heroes have arrived to save the day! Things were really tight schedule-wise here so for the backgrounds I ended up using a 3D model I had assembled for my creator-owned book Cryptocracy. I was planning on hand-drawing the backgrounds using the model as reference, but ended up having to drop the rendered backgrounds in and do some digital fiddling to speed things along.

    Page 17 and 18

    Hooray for Sparky! What a lovable scamp. And now you know how crystals work. We aim to educate as well as entertain.

    Page 19

    Well, damn. Looks like Timís redemption is at hand. He sacrificed his life to save the town from inter-dimensional monsters. I knew he had it in him. I love the weird green effect Celeste came up with for the explosion.

    Page 20

    Itís okay to cry. We probably killed at least one character you really liked. Thatís okay, though. These characters are public domain so they can never really die. Except Von Physics and the Mayor. Dynamite owns them so keep your mitts off.

    Page 21

    Yay! Everythingís wrapped up nice and neat. Plus, Sparky and Captain Battle Jr. get to be real heroes!

    Page 22

    No one could have seen this ending coming! I mean the vomit part, not the Tim surviving part. You probably saw that coming a mile away. Trivia time: Around the house we called these little pink guys Butthole Monsters. Can you guess why?

    This was a fun series. A real rollercoaster. Thanks for sticking with it. Ryan and I both hope you enjoyed it. If you dug Ryanís writing please check out God Hates Astronauts. Now, Iím off to the Justice League! Thanks for reading!