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James Bond "Kill Chain" is Excellent

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  • James Bond "Kill Chain" is Excellent

    I'm waiting for issue # 4, but only started this series the week # 3 came out. Luckily my local shop still had copies of #'s 1 & 2. The interior art pulled me in. I've never heard of Luca Casalanguida, and hadn't seen his art before. His work reminds me of one of my favorites, Goran Parlov, from Garth Ennis's MAX "Punisher" series. Luca's inks remind me of Goran's, and the way they render faces, figures, and even cars & buildings. Kinetic, lush, with vague facial features, but sets the mood and tone very well. Parlov is drawing a new Punisher series for Ennis, so I can have both of these artists' current work side by side.

    Andy Diggle's writing "Kill Chain". I read his Losers, Green Arrow, and Daredevil work. I'm liking "Kill Chain" better. I tried some of the other Bond series from Dynamite, but couldn't stay longer than 2 issues. Except for Warren Ellis's kick-off issues, the other writers were harder to distinguish from one another. And the art hasn't been consistently strong, until now. Warren's Bond was a little darker, nastier, than I'm used to. Though it's believable. Diggle's edge doesn't sting as much. Bond's ruthless, but not as much as under Warren, and that's fine with me.

    I'm sorry "Kill Chain" doesn't seem to be making very much noise. I've enjoyed more than all the other 007 arcs, so far. And more than most other comics out there now. I'd love to see Lee Weeks draw Bond one day soon.

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    Well, I'm reading them. They have several stories coming out so it must be doing well


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      How do you like "Kill Chain" compared to the other arcs so far? Same quality overall? Do you detect any nuances in Bond's character or dialog from writer to writer, or does it feel seamless? Do you have a preference in the art, so far?

      Looking at your Phantom pic, are there any artists you'd like to see draw him that you haven't yet?


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        "Kill Chain" # 4 out today. Still enjoying this. And I like the topical, current, geopolitical issues in play. ****SPOILERS*****

        A high level official is killed. And I thought about if the real, actual person in that office were to be killed, it would set off an all too real kill chain of events. I just didn't buy it. I don't see someone in that position getting whacked. Disgraced, discredited, sure. Forced into resigning. Maybe even indicted. But not what happened here. Even if this were a movie, it'd lose all plausibility for me..

        But comics have been plagued by too over the top scenarios, supposedly grounded in or influenced by reality. Batman's "No Man's Land". Or Captain America's recent "Secret Empire". An evil alternate Steve Rogers uses Hydra to conquer the US. And once the story ends, a switch is flipped and the bowling pins reset. There's no way ANY Steve Rogers could continue as Cap after that. Yet, we just go with it.

        Someone, an editor, I guess, should reign in some of these ideas. The Hydra Cap thing should not have played out on that ridiculously high level. And in "Kill Chain", maybe a deputy or assistant to the official should have been killed, instead.


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          It look good.