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    Looking for information about an error figure from the Moore action collectables seriesnof 1999 Purgatori action figure posted below.
    She is mint in box. Bought her this way is missing left wing. Box still sealed from factory. Hasbeen in storage since i bought her.

    what would her value be?

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    Hi, I'm no expert, and I'd recommend you try an action figure forum. They'd probably be able to give you a better idea if it's worth anything.

    Just a quick look at eBay, and there are several of these figures available new in box. Granted, they aren't missing any parts, but the fact that there are several available at a wide range of prices would seem to indicate to me that they aren't that collectable in the first place, at least as far as value goes.

    Again, I'm not an expert in these matters, so take my words with a grain of salt.