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Simon Templar The Saint in Comics.

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  • Carlton Merlin
    started a topic Simon Templar The Saint in Comics.

    Simon Templar The Saint in Comics.

    Before he was James Bond Late Roger Moore did big era as Simon Templar in the TV series the Saint. There were Telemovies & actor before him. Ian Ogilivy did only 1 season the role the title was Return of the Saint before he went to Hollywood. Australian Andrew Clarke only did one movie then came Simon Dutton few telemovie in 1989. Val Kilmer did big Screen after his departure from Batman movie which failed. Adam Rayner did one season. It had Roger Moore & Ian Ogilivy was in it. Dynamite do The Saint comics. The figure of Roger Moore for the memory of the great actor. Should have the 60's style or modern. Will Dynamite do it one day like James Bond & Shaft. Also putting his classic Volvo P1800 in it or Jaguar XJS.
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  • Viper_Pilot_Apollo
    The Moore series is the definitive one for me. I own the complete series, and have enjoyed it greatly. It's funny how they use stock footage and the same sets over and over, but somehow it's so much more engaging and enjoyable than modern TV, IMO. Same with The Avengers. The actors were charismatic and carried the show.

    I think the pilot film they did a few years back, trying to put a new series together, has finally made it's way to Netflix in the US. I haven't watched it yet.

    Anyhow, if they did a Saint Comic book, I'd check it out, for sure. I'd want the 60s style with the Volvo!

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