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ERIK BURNHAM talks RED SONJA #14, on sale in FEBRUARY!

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  • ERIK BURNHAM talks RED SONJA #14, on sale in FEBRUARY!

    ERIK BURNHAM talks RED SONJA #14, on sale in FEBRUARY from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Erik, how does it feel to be working with writer Amy Chu on Red Sonja? Are you a fan of the She-Devil with a Sword?

    ERIK BURNHAM: Of course Iím a fan -- of Sonja AND Amy. Had a lot of fun pitching in on the KISS: The Demon miniseries with Amy, but Iím even more psyched here. It was Amyís Red Sonja #0 that pulled me in on the character; and I enjoy that pulp fantasy is as much of a hoot to write as it is to read!

    BB: Before we start on #14, how will you and Amy be working? Can you tell us of the process?

    EB: Well, Amyís got the story fully mapped -- she sent over a detailed master plan. I take the plan and go from there, building it out, adding some ideas and incorporating some solid editorial suggestions, before passing it back on over. Couldnít be easier!

    BB: I know this is a big-time collaboration, but tell us your ideal characterization of Sonja.

    EB: Itís tough to give an all-encompassing answer, but Iíd start with her being the type of person who suffers no fools, basically. Sheís a warrior from a dangerous world filled with monsters, wizards, warriors -- and she thrives. I think sheís empathetic, but hides it well. I think sheís got no patience for folks who arenít pushing to be at the same level. And everything else grows out of that drive.

    BB: The warrior woman is going through some unique times in her book under Amy, traveling the USA by motorcycle, and now she has made her way out of Hell into Ö well, what can you (in a non-spoilery manner of course) tell us about what Sonja finds in #14 on the other end of the River Styx?

    EB: She finds trouble, naturally. When she crosses the river, sheíll be back in a familiar time and place -- basically, sheíll be back in the world she grew up in. But that world is gonna be even more dangerous than it was when she left.

    BB: Itís no secret! Mister Magic, Kulan Gath is back in town?

    EB: He sure is Ö and thatís WHY Sonjaís world is even more dangerous! Heís had the time to do some scheming and entrench himself in a place where his magic is even more powerful than it is normally. Heís gonna make things hard for Sonja from go -- but really, when doesnít he?

    BB: What can you say about the awesome art of Carlos Gomez?

    EB: Geez, what CANíT I say? He has a gift. No matter whatís thrown at him in a script, he returns it with a unique spin. The pages are clear, the finishes polished -- I tell you, itís been a lot of fun seeing pages show up in my email every day. Heís an enthusiastic guy, and that sure comes through in his work!

    BB: Erik, what other projects might you be working on that would interest readers?

    EB: Iím continuing my Ghostbusters run over at IDW with an annual and an 8-issue miniseries using every possible iteration of the franchise from movies to cartoons to comics, the annual drops in February and leads into the miniseries starting the next month (once again with Dan Schoening and Luis Delgado). The second TMNT and Ghostbusters crossover just wrapped up and a collection should be out soon; likewise, a collection of the TMNT Universe arc I did with Sophie Campbell and Brittany Peer. There are a couple of fun projects I have on deck that should be known by the time this arc of Red Sonja hits the stands, but I better play it safe and not say anything. Iím looking forward to them, though. 2018 is gonna be a blast.

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    Good interview. of course you can't expect too much depth this early but they could have mentioned Erik's preview to Amy's run 'A Long Walk to Oblivion'. That was a great Sonja story. Erik has a great handle on the She-Devil's voice and character going by that issue. Looking forward to February.