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JAMES ROBINSON talks GRAND PASSION #3, on sale in January

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  • JAMES ROBINSON talks GRAND PASSION #3, on sale in January

    James Robinson talks Grand Passion #3, on sale in January from Dynamite.

    BYRON BREWER: James, what is it about crime stories, especially character-driven stories like Grand Passion, that often holds a mirror and microscope up to society, to ourselves?

    JAMES ROBINSON: I think that crime fiction by virtue of the actions and acts in each drama mirrors the human psyche. We see a little of ourselves in the characters, more so I believe that a standard drama. Even the bad characters remind us of ourselves sometimes, which is why the genre remains so compelling. It forces us to look at ourselves.

    BB: Writers usually, even unbeknownst to themselves sometimes, have bits and pieces of their collective psyche invested in their characters? Which part of you is represented by Mac, and which by Mabel?

    JR: I am an inveterate ďfaller in love at first-sight,Ē so thereís that. I think the sad weight in Macís shoulders is me, as is some of Mabelís craziness.

    BB: As we discussed, Mac and Mabel do, in a manner, feed off each other. If you had to extrapolate from a place where they had never met, what differences would there be in those characters at the time of issue #3ís occurrence?

    JR: Well, I guess Mabel would have made her getaway and be somewhere far off by now. Mac would be sad and emotionally lost.

    BB: Can tell us any more at all about some of those curious characters at the police station? Some who might become of more import as Grand Passion unfolds?

    JR: No Ö best to wait and see.

    BB: What changes would you as a writer make, if any, should Grand Passion be made into a feature film?

    JR: Hmm. I think the whole series needs to be out when I answer that question. To do so now would reveal too much.

    BB: How powerful is the love each of the main protagonists has for the other? Is there any sequence coming up in the book in which this love is demonstrated, one for the other?

    JR: Yes, as the seriesí latter half unfolds.

    BB: Artist Tom Feister has really been doing great character work in this series. Has the art matched what you intended in the script?

    JR: Honestly, when I heard Tom was the artist, I wasnít sure what to expect. What I know now is that Tomís art has surpassed what I hoped for the series. Itís really great. Exciting and big when it needs to be, and small and intimate when it requires that too. Very nuanced. Itís been great seeing Tomís art grow and weíve progressed together. The guy will be a big name, Iím sure.

    BB: James, whatís next for Grand Passion going forward from Januaryís issue #3?

    JR: Read it and see.

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