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LANDRY WALKER talks A CLASH OF KINGS #11, on sale in MAY!

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  • LANDRY WALKER talks A CLASH OF KINGS #11, on sale in MAY!

    LANDRY WALKER talks A CLASH OF KINGS #11, on sale in MAY from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Landry, with Mayís issue #11, you have come to know these characters and this world well. As a writer, what have been the most pleasurable and the most frustrating aspects of adapting the work of George R.R. Martin to comics?

    LANDRY WALKER: Frustrating is a complex word here. There are parts that are difficult, because the nature of the two mediums are so different. Iím locked in at a certain page count, and I could easily fill double what I am allotted.

    Pleasurable? Thatís a multi-part answer too. I mean, on one hand itís a proactice of the pure construction aspect of comics, without any of the writing. Every script I put together is long and detailed, with very overly descriptive panels and sometimes thumbnails of layouts. I love that part of comics, though.

    The other pleasurable aspect Ė Iím something of a faux speed reader. I sort of skim, and burn through books very quickly. But the immersion experience and the small details can be lost in that process. With this, Iím taking a book from one of my favorite series and pouring over every word, multiple times. Thatís pretty fun.

    BB: Spinning from the above, what character in A Clash of Kings have you grown closest to as a scripter, and which one has been the most surprising for you as you got to know them?

    LW: Well, Iíve been a fan of the series since around 2002, I think. So not a lot of surprises, really. That said, Bran is absolutely fantastic to work with. All the dream sequences and all of his tension and frustration over his situation. It leads to a lot of fantastic staging. I was never big on the Bran scenes as a reader, but as a storyteller responsible for re-interpreting the book into a comic script, I have to say I enjoy them probably more than the rest.

    BB: Without spoilers (or many spoilers), can you tell readers where we will find your protagonists during Mayís issue #11? Whaís happeniní?

    LW: Everything happens in the North this time around, our two POV chapters deal with Bran and Jon Snow. Weíre at a point where the story is starting to move towards some spaces that bring about large changes.

    BB: You obviously enjoy these characters, it shows. If you were permitted, which one or two would you like to set in an adventure of your creation based on maybe a plot thread from this book (or even a new story)?

    LW: Ha! Thatís a dangerous game to play, because I cannot imagine it ever actually being a thing. Regardless, playing a hypothetical game hereÖ possibly Yoren. Heís the man of the Nights Watch that sneaks Arya out of Kings Landing at the end of the first book. Heís rough, grizzled, cynical. But he also is one of the noblest people I can recall encountering in Clash of Kings. Who is he? Where did he come from? Thereís a story there somewhere.

    BB: Artist Mel Rubi just keeps knocking this stuff out of the park! Since this particular series began, have there been any difficulties in your collaboration? (I am thinking necessary cuts, changes after execution of the art, etc.)

    LW: Not of consequence. Mel works incredibly fast, and is producing under incredibly difficult conditions. There are always going to be hiccups, especially when working with another personís property like this. We met during a signing in Sacramento, and I was surprised he didnít just glare at me the whole time because of the nightmare scripts I keep handing him. Instead he was super nice.

    BB: Landry, any news on projects in which you are involved?

    LW: Yes! I tend to have about twenty irons in the fire. Novels, podcasts, all sorts of books. Most currently, my own medieval war epic Ė a comic series published by Image Ė was announced. The Last Siege. A straight war story with no fantasy elements. Itís largely based on the stylings of spaghetti westerns and Kurosawa films. Iím working on that with artist Justin Greenwood, and Iím very excited for the world to get a look at it.