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ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #1, on sale in March

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  • ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #1, on sale in March

    ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #1, on sale in March from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Erica, how does it feel to be working on this comic book iteration of the long-running TV series Charmed?

    ERICA SCHULTZ: Iím very excited to be writing Charmed. I had a great time working with Dynamite on Swords of Sorrow, and Iím thrilled to get a chance to work with the team there again.

    BB: Were you a fan of the TV series? Is this a continuation of the TV series run, as was Dynamiteís Six Million Dollar Man books, or is this a fresh look at beloved characters from the TV show?

    ES: I was a huge fan of Charmed, which is another reason why Iím so jazzed about being able to add to the Halliwell witchesí universe.

    BB: For the uninitiated, tell us about the world of Phoebe, Paige and Piper, and introduce us to the characters please.

    ES: Charmed is a story about three sisters who are also witches. Through their magical bond, they can harness The Power of Three. Because theyíre the most powerful witches in the world, every demon from here to the Underworld wants them dead. With the help of their Whitelighter/Guardian Angel, Leo, the sisters vanquish evil and protect innocents from the Underworld taking over our world

    Piper has the power to freeze and blow up objects, Phoebe has the power of premonition and can levitate, and Paige has the power of telekinesis and teleportation through ďorbing.Ē

    The world of the Halliwell witches is so rich with mythology, itís really a terrific playground to play in.

    BB: What familiar faces might we see in a supporting cast? Any new characters we should be looking for?

    ES: Aside from the sisters, youíll see Leo, but there are some new allies and enemies that will be introduced.

    BB: Any big-bads you can tell us about in the first arc?

    ES: In this opening arc, weíll see our usual run of the mill demons and warlocks, but our big bad will have a whole lot more class.

    BB: Tell us about working with artist Maria Sanapo. Why is she a good fit for this unique series?

    ES: This will be my first collaboration with Maria, so Iím really excited. Sheís so talented, and I canít wait to see her take on the Charmed world.

    BB: It is difficult to take a cult classic like Charmed, especially one with familiar faces from live-action TV, and bring it to life in the comics page. How are you meeting the challenge of keeping core fans happy AND bringing the Charmed adventures to a new audience of readers?

    ES: In every episode of the TV series, the sisters had a lot going on. They were battling on multiple fronts, both supernatural and the normal, every day. So as a fan of the show, my aim is to write a story that is as comfortable on a comic page as it would be on the screen. I hope super fans of the show will recognize the humor and heart, while people new to the series will enjoy this fantastical world that is The Power of Three.