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ERIK BURNHAM talks RED SONJA #17, on sale in MAY!

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  • ERIK BURNHAM talks RED SONJA #17, on sale in MAY!

    ERIK BURNHAM talks RED SONJA #17, on sale in MAY from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Erik, how is it teaming up with Amy Chu to write one of Dynamiteís iconic characters in Red Sonja?

    ERIK BURNHAM: Itís a pleasure. Amy sorts out the story she wants to tell, and then I put the pieces together from her outline. Itís been a smooth process, and Iíve enjoyed getting to work with her.

    BB: I know the Kulan Gath war will be wrapping, but tell me how it has been handling this great villain, one that even appeared in Chris Claremontís epic X-Men run?

    EB: I tellya, Kulan Gath, Red Sonja -- itís mildly surreal jumping into the adventures of characters that have been running around for so long. When you stop to think about the history these characters have, and the creative hands theyíve passed throughÖ itís just a neat feeling to have, knowing you get to run with the baton for a bit.

    BB: So what will readers be treated to as RS #17 approaches in May, if you could tell us in a non-spoilery manner? (Hard, I know.)

    EB: In #17, which I just finished, Sonja discovers the provenance of the sword she found in the modern day, and learns how its original owner -- Skath -- came to lose it. Thatíll lead us right into the next arc, which sends Sonja to meet Skath!

    BB: She-Devil WITHOUT a Sword??

    EB: Never! Sheíd borrow someone elseís first, by force if necessary!

    BB: What can you tell us about Skath?

    EB: In his time, Skath was THE adventurer of the day. Big, broad, unbeatable. Losing his sword affected him, and heís become a bit of a recluse. Amy has an interesting plan for how this will affect Sonja. Is Skath a version of what her future could look like?

    BB: What has been the most joyous thing about collaborating with artist Carlos Gomez?

    EB: The manís artwork is always straight enthusiasm, his storytelling is impeccable, and he adds more than we ever ask (but not too much). I defy anyone to ask for better traits in an artist collaborator!

    BB: Erik, any news about other projects from you in the comics world?

    EB:As of this writing, SAVAGE TALES #1 [from Dynamite] was just announced, Vampirella kicking around in an unfamiliar, barbarian-filled world that Red Sonja would certainly be at home in! And Ghostbusters: Crossing Over is about to start. By Mayís issue #3, readers should have a bit of a surprise waiting for them! Iíll be pitching in on writing for another project, but I am way riding shotgun there, just supporting the writer/artist -- and I canít even give details yet! 2018 is a real blast for projects! Iím having a ball.