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New Vampirella with classic costume in June. Dare we hope?

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  • New Vampirella with classic costume in June. Dare we hope?


    Looks like DE is going back to the classic costumed Vampy for a four-part series. Don't know what the writing is going to be like but the art looks good:
    New Vampirella Linsner-Series “Roses For The Dead” To Debut In June 2018

    Today it was revealed by writer Kristina Deak-Linsner, that she with artist Joseph Michael Linsner will launch a new 4- issue Vampirella series over at Dynamite, called “Roses For the Dead“. Look for it in the April ‘Diamond Previews’ for a June 2018 launch.

    At this point nothing more is known but the info on the Facebook-page of Kristina Deak-Linsner, where she is mentioning that she will get Vampirella back into her classic form ánd classic costume. One of the elements Mrs. Deak-Linsner is out-spoken about is the perception of Vampirella as a strong female rolemodel, in saying that “I also wanted to portray her as sexy but strong, and comfortable within her own sexual identity. To me, a huge part of feminism is owning your own sexuality. Vampirella walks freely within that world. I know a lot of women, men, and transgender people, who find the character very sexually empowering“.

    One of the most iconic Vampirella-artist from both the Harris-era as well as the Dynamite-era Vampirella-fans will rejoice to have JM Linsner working on Vampirella as his outspoken love for the character will ooze into this new series as it did on his “Dawn/Vampirella“-crossover and all his cover-work over the years.

    The “Dawn/Vampirella”-crossover seemed to mark a new era for Linsner, in tying his creator-owned character Dawn with the cult-classic Original Bad Girl Vampirella and fans of both characters were over the moon. New interior work from JML is time-consuming yet iconic and worth the while as is proven by his own Dawn-series and his other creator-owned Sinful Suzi. as well as his Killraven, Wolverine & Black Cat and Harley Quinn.

    We at C4S are truly touched by the announcement of JML and KDL, so we can finally look forward to a series that will showcase the character better –without a doubt– then the current monthly series, which has been a let-down of epic proportions story-wise but most surely art-wise (short hair, ugly clothing etc.) with only the multiverse-Vampirella and the Vicky love-interest as positive mentions.

    We at C4S will however proclaim our support versus the Crossover-miniseries Vampirella has had with KISSand Cassie Hack! All hail Vampirella!!!