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PAUL CORNELL talks VAMPIRELLA #1, on sale in March!

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  • PAUL CORNELL talks VAMPIRELLA #1, on sale in March!

    PAUL CORNELL talks VAMPIRELLA #1, on sale in March from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Paul, tell us about the new spin you are putting on Vampirella. How do you handle such an iconic character for the vaunted new reader and yet keep those legions of core fans happy?

    PAUL CORNELL: Making her true to herself kind of does both. Also, we’re saying all previous versions are true, so nobody needs to feel they’ve been rebooted out of the audience.

    BB: What can you tell us about Vampirella’s long, long sleep (is there a cause we will be learning about as this iteration of the book moves forward) and the world she is occupying now?

    PC: You’ll be learning about why she’s slept so long, but perhaps not in this first story in our new setting. It’s a mystery we’d like to maintain for a while. She doesn’t know what’s happened. The world she’s in now is a future utopia/dystopia (six of one…) where a lot of people are very happy, and then there’s the annoying other people.

    BB: What’s up with the new taste of human blood? Any hints as to what has occurred?

    PC: Something has changed about the relationship of the human race with life and death. That will be revealed in this run.

    BB: We met some folks in the Zero Issue, Paul, but are there new characters coming in #1, and will they be friend or foe for Vampi? Can you introduce us to them?

    PC: Vampirella will have a companion/innocent bystander/victim called Vicki, who works in a fashion shop, and gets rather trampled by Vampirella being rather more casual about money than this new world allows. Life gets worse for her from that point, really. Clowns, camps, betrayal, but not actually death. That happens to just about everyone else, though.

    BB: Can you give us any clues as to what big-bad might be rearing its ugly head in this new world?

    PC: They’re both familiar and unfamiliar to long-term readers.

    BB: Vampirella’s wardrobe is always internet fan fodder. But in the solicit, I see it is actually being used to advance the story …?

    PC: We’ve given her some actual clothes, a look rather than a costume, with her symbols as highlights, etc.

    BB: Tell us about what artist Jimmy Broxton brings to the table.

    PC: This lovely European Modesty Blaise/Barbarella style that says class and fun and retro future stylings. He’s so undervalued as an artist, and he can change how he draws to suit the mood of our story, from gothic to hi tech. He’s awesome.

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    what... happened to her hair?! Her face?

    And how can she fly without wings?


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      Wonder if Cornell still thinks Braxton is awesome?

      I read the 0 issue last night because it's free on Comixology. A little confusing, but deliberately so (you're meant to figure stuff out as Vampirella does). It was better than I expected, frankly.


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        I had a more positive feeling about this series after having read #0, but now after reading #1, I wonder if #2 might just be my last. Little happened in the first issue, or at least little happened that made any sense, explained anything, or moved the story forward more than incrementally. While it was visually interesting, it's a bit light (putting it mildly) on story, which in my experience, reminds me of a lot of the types of things which HEAVY METAL used to serialize (not to say they didn't publish some good stuff once in a while).