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JESSE HAMM talks FLASH GORDON: KINGS CROSS #5, the grand finale, on sale in March

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  • JESSE HAMM talks FLASH GORDON: KINGS CROSS #5, the grand finale, on sale in March

    JESSE HAMM talks FLASH GORDON: KINGS CROSS #5, the grand finale, on sale in March from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Jesse, how much fun has this book been for you as co-writer and as artist? It must be, because it is reflective in both those endeavors between the covers.

    JESSE HAMM: Thanks; I've enjoyed it immensely. I love adventure stories, and I've been a longtime fan of Flash, and the Phantom in particular, so this has been a hoot. And great chance to mix up some of my favorite ingredients: action, laughs and creepy threats!

    BB: Following up on that, what was it most fun to do: Write or draw Flash and his allies vs. Ming and his hordes for March’s issue #5, the grand finale?

    JH: I enjoyed drawing them, but I'd say writing them was the most fun. I started off writing my own comics, but in recent years I've only been drawing, so on this project it felt great to stretch those muscles again.

    BB: Before beginning double duty on this book, did you look over what Jeff Parker had done in the past with the character? And was there other inspiration for your particular take on Flash or any of the many King Feature guest stars?

    JH: I'd read Jeff's other Flash Gordon stories, along with the other King Features adventures that Dynamite had published in the interim. And I was already familiar with the movie versions: the '96 Phantom, the Flash Gordon serials and '80 film, and the newspaper strips. Those earlier versions of Flash Gordon are what inspired me to bring aboard Ming's daughter, Aura. She, Ming and Flash have a fun dynamic that I enjoyed weaving into the story.

    BB: As things come to a head in this miniseries, what one character have you had the most fun with? Who would you like to take into another series perhaps?

    JH: It's impossible to pick only one! I guess I most enjoyed writing Jen. She's quick to assess a situation and leap into action, but she's also new to superheroing, so there's a sense of her exploring new challenges and finding her place in that world. And she has a striking look; I like how her wild shock of hair compliments her sleek Phantom suit. Mandrake is also especially fun; he has a gentility and a sense of mystery that you don't often find in action heroes. Writing either of them in another series would be a blast.

    BB: You and Grace Allison have had some awesome art in this continuation of Flash’s retro adventures. I especially enjoyed the “intros” in #1. Has there been any particular scenes in #5 (non-spoilery) or in the mag as a whole you have enjoyed as an artist?

    JH: Hey, thanks. I've enjoyed drawing pretty much everything in this series: the heroes, villains and settings are all cool-looking and a pleasure to draw. In issue #5, I especially enjoyed drawing Aura's scenes. She's beautiful, but also scheming and slightly insane, so there's a lot there to sink your teeth into.

    BB: Looking back, and again we are talking from the perspective of March’s grand finale, is there anything you wish you guys would have done different or some plot point that time and space forced you to leave out?

    JH: It would have been interesting to hear more of Jungle Jim's perspective, and see him relate more often to the other heroes. Unfortunately, the demands of plot and pacing don't often leave much room to explore every character in a group book. But I'm glad he has some good action scenes!