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  • PAUL CORNELL talks VAMPIRELLA #2, on sale in APRIL!

    PAUL CORNELL talks VAMPIRELLA #2, on sale in APRIL from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Paul, what are the advantages/disadvantages to you as writer of having the latest iteration of Vampirella in a future utopian/dystopian (depends on the view, I guess?) world?

    PAUL CORNELL: Well, she brings her own genre with her, kind of fun gothic, and that gothic/pulp SF collision is close to what Vampirella as a title used to be about.

    BB: What more can you tell us about Vampi’s buddy Vicki? Are there other new characters about to enter our stage you could introduce us to?

    PC: Vicki is an ordinary person, working in a shop in this world where money has won, and swept away, and into some terrible situations, by the manic pixie dream vampire that is our heroine. I do like having a random, utterly normal human who’s being dragged around after Vampirella. Also, we have a cat now. The cat’s name is Grit. I want Grit action figures.

    BB: Human blood for some reason is different now. Will this affect Vampirella’s powers at all?

    PC: She’s still trying to work out what her powers are now. The difference in the blood is important, but other than being delicious, it doesn’t change Vampirella… directly, let’s say.

    BB: Sometimes we forget about our heroine’s keen intellect, but she seems to be pretty sharp and methodical thus far in making decisions and discoveries in this “brave new world.” Is this just coming out as part of how you see the character or is this an aspect you will actually be highlighting in your run?

    PC: I like characters that use their wits, and her archness really works as a foil to a keen intellect. Also, she’s going to need her intelligence to work out what’s going on in this future world and what stance she should take toward it. Mind you, the Clowns have kind of forced her hand now.

    BB: Any hints on Vampi’s big-bad this time around?

    PC: He’s underneath everything in this narrative, and money is his favorite root of all evil.

    BB: … Heaven’s gates??

    PC: Well, not necessarily. Especially if you’re a Clown. We’ll have a lot more about the Clowns in a couple of issues’ time.

    BB: Paul, while we’re here are there any projects current or near-future you’d like to tell readers about?

    PC: Chalk, which I think is the most important book I’ve written, a horror novel about bullying, is out on March 21st, and Saucer State is my new politics/ufology comic from IDW, out this May! Thanks for asking!