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ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #2, on sale in APRIL!

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  • ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #2, on sale in APRIL!

    ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #2, on sale in APRIL from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Erica, since we did our last interview news has dropped of a reboot of the Charmed TV show. Any thoughts?

    ERICA SCHULTZ: There’s not a lot of info out there about the Charmed reboot, but I find it interesting that it’s in the works, considering that the series ended just 10 years ago.

    The title Charmed is more or less synonymous with the Halliwell Witches, so “reboot” may not be the right term. From what I’m reading, this new series will be centered on a coven of three witches, unrelated, and set in the 1970s.

    On the other hand, not linking this new Charmed series directly to the Halliwell family gives the television producers the great opportunity to inject more diversity into the Charmed universe.

    BB: What can you tell us, non-spoilery, about Djall as a character? Is there some connection to the women of Charmed we don’t know about?

    ES: Djall has a very complex back story. I may have spent too much time writing about him in the beginning, but I felt I had to flesh him out if for no other reason than to familiarize myself with him.

    As a lover and patron of art, and a self-proclaimed expert on humanity, Djall sees himself as the savior of the Underworld. His plan is to unite the Underworld with the one goal of killing the Charmed Ones.

    Having been around a long time, Djall has come in contact with many witches, so the idea of him having tussled with a Halliwell or Warren isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

    BB: The art world certainly plays a role in Charmed. Are you a big fan of art shows, exhibits? If so, any type of medium in particular?

    ES: I don't have any one medium or movement that I love, but I find art inspiring. I don't go to galleries often, but I do have friends that have showings that I attend for moral support. I wouldn't consider myself an aficionado of any medium, though I do love my comic pages.

    BB: Speaking of art, it seems Maria Sanapo is doing a fantastic job of bringing this “real” world to the comic book page. Tell us how you and she work together on Charmed, and what are you thoughts on what she brings to the table here.

    ES: Maria has such a great eye for this series. Everything she draws is believable whether it’s the scenes in San Francisco or fantastical powers being used. She interprets the scripts bringing them to life, and I'm really lucky to work with her on this. The book looks beautiful!

    BB: San Franciso is certainly a true “character” in the Charmed mythos. If you were to relocate the Charmed Ones to another city, where would you like to see them? Still West Coast?

    ES: I'm partial to New York, but it has been overdone, despite Phoebe spending time there. Seeing the sisters battle evil in Chicago would be interesting, as well as some place like Phoenix. Though, if I remember correctly, the "reboot" is going to be set in New England, so there's already been a change of venue.

    BB: Erica, aside from Charmed for Dynamite, any other projects current or near-future you’d care to tell us about?

    ES: Thanks for asking ! The final re-release trade paperback for the series, M3, with Vicente Alcázar comes out this summer. It has an amazing cover by Ray-Anthony Height (Spider-Girl, Midnight Tiger) and Jason Lewis (Bloodshot Reborn, Drive). It collects issues 10-12, and finishes off the M3 saga.

    I also have the book titled 12 Devils Dancing coming out with Dave Acosta (Swords of Sorrow, Love is Love) and Andrew Covalt (Archer & Armstrong, The Fox).

    Lastly, Claire Connelly (Black Eyes, Space-Man) and I are working on Eve: The Immortal Lobster which is a double-sized issue. We're aiming to get it done for NYCC this year.