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    DAVID AVALLONE talks DOC SAVAGE: RING OF FIRE #2, on sale in APRIL from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: David, I have always had a fascination for the great mysteries of history, none more so than the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Do you share this fascination and was there any particular reason she became a part of this new Doc Savage saga?

    DAVID AVALLONE: When Dynamite Senior Editor Joe Rybandt contacted me about doing a Doc series, I asked him if I could set it during the 1930s – ie. “Doc Classic” and he gave me a green light. As I was working on pitches, I picked up a reference book called “The Timetables of History” and scrolled through the section on the thirties and looked for anything that I thought would catch Doc’s eye. I found a handful of things, one of them being the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. I remembered that my beloved Pat Savage was also a flyer and it seemed natural that they would have been good friends. As to the other few things I found… maybe if this series does well Dynamite will let me do those stories as well. The thirties were a wild and consequential decade.

    All that said, the answer is “yes”. I’ve always been interested in aviation and aviation pioneers, and as a long-time feminist, particularly interested in women pioneers. Not just Amelia Earhart, but Pancho Barnes and all the way to Sally Ride. So I’m happy to be able to write about Amelia in this series.

    BB: Will Earhart be a part of the overall storyline, or just a background “captive”?

    DA: Amelia is a pivotal part of the story, and as the issues progress, she becomes more central to what’s going on… but in the first couple of issues it’s more of a cameo.

    BB: More and more these days, writers doing Doc tales tend to bring cousin Pat into the limelight, which is great. Tell us how you see this feisty adventurer as a character.

    DA: I’m crazy about Pat. In the original Lester Dent pulps she is written as a surprisingly modern woman. She shoots, she fights, she flies a plane, she owns a business, and she’s funny and tough and brave… and feminine as all get out. She reminds me of the heroines in Howard Hawks/Frank Capra movies. She could have been played by Jean Arthur or Barbara Stanwyk or Katherine Hepburn or Rita Hayworth. She’s in a lot of the original stories, even though Doc is protective of his cousin. He’d rather she not get involved, but he always has to grudgingly admit how amazing and helpful she is. And she provides necessary contrast with the overwhelmingly manly Fabulous Five. She adds a flavor that I would miss if she wasn’t there.

    BB: Do you think you as a writer would be interested in doing a Pat Savage solo series? Could Pat hold down a book without the Man of Bronze & Co.?

    DA: I would write a solo Pat adventure in a heartbeat, though I think you’d want to have Doc and the boys show up a little just to keep you in that “world”. Also, just as Superman is part of every Supergirl story even if he’s never mentioned by name, I think Doc would always feel present in a Pat Savage saga.

    BB: Aside from Pat, the boys and Earhart, what other interesting characters might we look forward to seeing in this mini? Any other historical figures?

    DA: Issue one had FDR and one and two both have a couple of real world United States Navy Admirals… but a certain fictional character comes in at the end of Chapter Two and he will dominate the rest of the series.

    BB: How has it been working with Dave Acosta thus far? Is his art rockin’ or what?

    DA: Dave is the best. This is our third project together and we’ve developed a real comfort and ease working together, and I absolutely love the work. Dave always improves on my scripts and makes me look better than I deserve. I’m lucky to have him.

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    All right! Doc and company are back in the 1930s, which is getting off to a good start. Any time you can work in real historical people or events in these new stories of pulp heroes it's a good idea.
    DE pull list: Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse Makers, ERB's The Greatest Adventure, Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit, PSP: Herokillers, KISS/Vampirella, Mighty Mouse