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    ANTHONY DEL COL talks NANCY DREW & THE HARDY BOYS: THE BIG LIE #2, on sale in APRIL from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Anthony, I know this is just your second issue, coming in April, but has it hit you yet that you may be the “voice” introducing Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys to an entirely new generation of readers? And through the comics?

    ANTHONY DEL COL: We’re just prepping the first issue for the printers as I write this, and I’m pretty excited about how it’s turned out. Artist Werther Dell’Edera’s art is really great, and Stefano Simeone’s done some really fun stuff with the colors to make flashbacks pop. I think new and old fans will enjoy it.

    As for being the new “voice”… I just want to tell an entertaining story that will appeal to everyone. But I’m enjoying learning more about this new take on the characters with every issue I write.

    BB: “The Big Lie” did not start out slow-paced with the boys being accused of their father’s murder. What effects psychologically will this have on our youth sleuths and is this something that will be played upon as the book goes forward?

    ADC: Though Frank and Joe Hardy appear in the first issue to be holding up nicely, as the series goes on kinks will start to show in their armor. They’re not used to being “bad” and as they delve deeper into the seedy underworld of their small town, they realize it becomes harder, not easier.

    And it will also continue to test their brotherhood and friendship – along with the female that’s driving them towards this new status.

    BB: What can you tell us about the family of thieves that are instrumental in Nancy’s plan?

    ADC: This is where this interview becomes interactive (namely gives the reader a chance to solve the mystery through Google…)

    I don’t want to reveal too much, but the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were all created by a company called The Stratemeyer Syndicate. Not only did they pump out Drew and Hardy books but also series of other characters. It’s these characters that may – or may not – feature into our world as the tale goes forward.

    BB: Interesting! … Talk about the chemistry between the brothers and Nancy. She seems to be in the driver’s seat, which is quite a turnaround from what used to be portrayed in the 1970s ABC TV show.

    ADC: First off, I know that the term “femme fatale” threw some people off when we first announced the series. But don’t worry: Nancy’s not a sexualized femme fatale but instead, as you say, someone who’s really driving the bus here.

    What’s the chemistry like? In the second issue we’ll learn that they’ve met before, which creates a shadow over where they are today. And Nancy’s approaching the two when they’re the most vulnerable so they’re looking to her for guidance. It’ll drive a bit of competition between the two brothers – who will be able to impress her the most?

    Are they attracted to her, romantically? Well, wouldn’t you be? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we have a case to solve first.

    BB: You are well known for your research in making these stories ring true, Anthony, and you have handled Sherlock Holmes as well. Are there any books or other media you look back to in your expertise on handling detective yarns and keeping that mystery rope taught?

    ADC: I’ve read and watched a LOT of stories in the run-up to telling this tale. For this, I re-read a lot of the classic hard-boiled detective tales, stuff by Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. What I love about those tales is not only are they good PI stories, but some of the funniest writing I’ve ever read. The metaphors? Through the roof.

    And for mysteries, I turn to a lot of television, to see how great shows are able to keep a solid mystery slowly unraveling over an entire season.

    BB: Anthony, you always manage to corral the best artists suited for your storytelling. How are you liking Werther Dell’Edera’s work here?

    ADC: Werther’s the perfect artist for this project. He brings a real noir moodiness to each panel, exactly what we’re aiming for. I think he’s doing an amazing job turning my adequate words into something more elevated.

    And wait until you see what he’s doing with some flashbacks in Issue #2 – they’ll bring a HUGE smile to your face.