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AMY CHU talks KISS #7, on sale in APRIL!

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  • AMY CHU talks KISS #7, on sale in APRIL!

    AMY CHU talks KISS #7, on sale in APRIL from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Amy, by fan and critic reaction to this book, not only are you turning a lot of folks on to KISS but you are showing the industry how to do a fresh new take on rockís greatest band. Talk about combining rock and sci-fi a bit for us here please.

    AMY CHU: Thank you -- I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that! I really wanted to craft a story that everyone could enjoy. I think I mentioned this before, but it's really helpful when the entire creative team is KISS fans.

    KISS comics have a very rich past. I wanted to concentrate on the future. I read some past comics and watched a lot of concert footage Ė it was the best kind of homework. Bringing the rock and sci-fi elements together seemed like a natural step.

    BB: Since beginning this comic, have you ever actually talked in person to any member of KISS to get their feelings about the series?

    AC: Not yet, just a wee bit on social media with Gene Simmons. I did hear from my editors that he's really digging it. That would be really cool. I'd love to know what they think!

    BB: Speaking of the series, in KISS #7 coming out in April, the Elders are out-of-here and the new generation is taking charge. Can you hint at how they meet the challenges ahead?

    AC: These aren't superheroes -- they're regular kids that believe in the music, the future and each other. It's going to be hard, but fortunately, they have some cool tech at their disposal!

    BB: Any new characters coming up that you might introduce to us here, going forward?

    AC: There's definitely going to be some new members in the KISS Army 2.0 but I haven't even told Kewber yet, so I can't tell you! That would be wrong. But I can tell you things are going to get real complicated real fast for these kids as they try to run the city!

    BB: Is it just me, or is CP Wilson IIIís variant cover for issue #7 just all-out awesome?

    AC: No no, it's not just you! I pre-ordered a bunch for myself. His work is always gorgeous. I was lucky enough to do a Red Riding Hood short story with him a few years ago in Joe Mulvey's SCAMthology and it turned out so great.

    BB: Some time has passed since starting this series, Amy. What do the fans say to you at the cons? Have you found them mostly to be KISS fans turned on to comics, or comics fans turned on to KISS?

    AC: At cons it's really a mix. I especially love the KISS fans that come back and say they actually READ the comic and are really into it. Christy at Aw Yeah Comics in Indiana put one of her customers on the phone so he could tell me how he thought this was the best KISS run EVER. That kind of fan appreciation makes it all worth it!

    BB: Aside from your KISS comics, are there any other projects that you would like to mention?

    AC: Well, most of my time is dedicated to KISS and Red Sonja, but I did just finish another fun X-Files Deviations one shot. That will be coming out in March -- an alternate universe X-Files where Scully is teamed up with Fox's sister Samantha.