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ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #3, on sale in MAY!

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  • ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #3, on sale in MAY!

    ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #3, on sale in MAY from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Erica, your Charmed comic book certainly seems to hold all the “charm” (haha, sorry) of the iconic TV series. Were you a fan of the Charmed Ones and how has it been finding the “voices” of characters based on real-life actors? Is that less difficult, or more?

    ERICA SCHULTZ: I was a huge fan of the Charmed television series, and I’m really proud to be part of these stories with Dynamite. Having worked on a television property before (Revenge for Marvel), I’m pretty well versed in capturing the character’s voice and mannerisms. Luckily for me, I was able to binge on old and newer episodes of Charmed on Netflix.

    BB: Artist Maria Sanapo seems to really be having fun with your scripts as well as bringing the Power of Three to life. How closely do you guys collaborate? Seriously, it seems a very unified whole.

    ES: Maria is a so incredibly talented, and I’m very lucky to be paired up with her on this. She’s worked for DC Comics and other major publishers, so she knows how to interpret a script and bring the best out of it. Because Maria is currently in Italy, it’s not possible to just grab a coffee and chat, unfortunately. But I plan on giving her a big hug when I see her at the next convention.

    BB: I know it is early in the life of the book, #1 just coming out this month [March], but have you had any contact with diehard Charmed fans yet about the comics series? If so, what do they tell you they would like to see in the series?

    ES: Once the new story and creative team were announced, there were several Charmed fans that reached out on Twitter and Facebook. Some of the things they were asking for weren’t in the cards, mostly because the series is at another publisher. For instance, many fans have asked that Prue (Shannen Doherty’s character) be a part of this story. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given permission to use her, so that’s something they’ll be disappointed with. I do hope that, despite that, Charmed fans will enjoy this adventure.

    BB: With issue #3, coming in May, the Charmed Ones begin to suspect that Djall is behind the gallery attack? Really? What can you tell us about this development, and how will that our cast?

    ES: Where the sisters first thought Djall was the victim and an innocent, they’ve now realized that he’s likely their adversary, but they can’t prove it yet. Remember, magic is unknown to the vast majority of the world, so every time the sisters cast a spell or use their powers, they risk exposing themselves and magic, so they can’t do anything about Djall until they’re absolutely sure.

    Lastly, Gabe owes everything to Djall. He’s not likely to just let him be taken down, is he? Unless, of course, Paige is in the crosshairs…

    BB: Admit it: Aren’t you having fun with those otherworldly dudes and dudettes coming into our world?

    ES: Oh, there’s no guilty pleasure about it, I’m having a phenomenal time playing in the Charmed universe. I really hope the fans enjoy our work enough to keep us around for more!

    BB: Erica, are there any projects current or near-future you’re involved with that you can tell us about?

    ES: Aside from Charmed, I’m writing a story called 12 Devils Dancing with art by Dave Acosta and Andrew Covalt that we’re hoping to debut at New York Comic Con this year. I’m also editing a story called Bingo Love written by Tee Franklin, drawn by Jenn St-Onge, and colored by Joy San. The Kickstarter for Bingo Love launched on March 15th.