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ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #4, on sale in JUNE!

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  • ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #4, on sale in JUNE!

    ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #4, on sale in JUNE from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: As Charmed #4 gets set to hit stores in June, Erica, you have a few issues under your writing belt. Are there any elements of the franchise as a fan youíd like to utilize in your stories that you havenít yet touched?

    ERICA SCHULTZ: The Charmed universe is pretty expansive, so itís not about bringing something in that I havenít yet. Iíd say if there was something I didnít want to bring in it was Magic School and Piper and Leoís sons, Wyatt and Christopher. I really wanted to focus on the sisters and their relationship with each other, as well as how they work together as witches without the complication of babies and teaching other ďstudents.Ē And Dynamite has been really easy going, giving me leeway in writing this story, so thatís been great.

    BB: Give us a creatorís perspective of the Charmed Ones and how their adventure has affected them up to this point, obviously avoiding spoilers.

    ES: Paigeís love for art may be tainted now that paintings are weaponized. Haha!

    I think this story and other Charmed stories show that no matter how many demons or monsters the sisters go up against, thereís always a real threat to their lives, their relationship with each other, and our world. Thatís what makes these stories so compelling.

    And since Paige is still learning a lot about being a witch in this story, her relationship with Piper and Phoebe is still developing. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe grew up together, and grew up with the idea of witchcraft, even if Grams was seen as a nutter sometimes. Haha!

    BB: A comic book doesnít have to worry about SFX budgets the way a TV show does. Has there been any scenes/sets you have done or will be doing in Charmed that could not possibly have been done on the small screen series?

    ES: I donít know Ö small screen budgets have been doing a lot with a little lately. And though we donít have the SFX budget slowing us down, thereís still only so much art you can put on a page.

    In issue #4, we take a trip into the 16th century and explore Djallís back story.

    BB: Can you give us any hints about the dilemma Paige and Gabe find themselves in with issue #4?

    ES: Oooh, thatíll be tough without giving away any spoilers. Just know that theyíve gone to a place that no soul wants to be.

    BB: Have you had the opportunity to be at any cons or on social media and had reactions from Charmed fans about the comic book? What are they saying?

    ES: I had signings at East Side Mags in Montclair, New Jersey and The Fallout Shelter in Highland Park, New Jersey the week that Charmed #1 dropped. The fan reaction has been really great. Itís wonderful to see how many people loved the show all around the world. And with any book, especially one based on an existing property, fan support is so important.

    BB: How great has Maria Sanapo been on the art duties on this series?

    ES: I canít say enough wonderful things about Mariaís artwork. She has such a style and flair that makes every comic look fantastic. Sheís really amazing, and Iím very lucky that Dynamite paired us up. I canít wait to meet up with her at London Super Comic Con this August.

    And Heartwork Studios brings such beautiful colors that makes all that great art pop. This is a really fabulous collaboration of artists.

    BB: Erica, any present or near-future projects you can tell us about that you may be working on?

    ES: Currently Iím working on a crime/horror/thriller called 12 Devils Dancing with Dave Acosta and Andrew Covalt. Weíre looking to debut the first two issues at New York Comic Con in October. I also have a few projects that I canít announce yet, but Iím very excited about!