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A Writer’s Commentary: ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #2, on sale NOW!

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  • A Writer’s Commentary: ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #2, on sale NOW!

    A Writer’s Commentary: ERICA SCHULTZ talks CHARMED #2, on sale NOW from Dynamite!

    We really hope you enjoyed the first issue of Charmed. Maria, Heartworks Studios, Tom, Anthony, Joe, and I want to bring you something fun and enjoyable, and we’re working at that every month.

    Page 1
    Art is Djall’s passion, and, as we’ll see in a later issue, his former career. So we wanted to give some context to Djall and how he got into our world. He was always someone who used his looks to get what he wants, but combine that with demon powers and you get an unstoppable force. Gallery manager Gillian doesn’t stand a chance against those eyes!

    Page 4
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…or something like that. If Djall is to fulfill his plan to take over our world, he has to install his first portal between here and the Underworld. This is his first in a line of several portals that are integral to taking down The Charmed Ones.

    Page 6
    We wanted to introduce Shaina, Paige’s charge, in a fun way. Shaina is an art student, and she has a great deal in common with Paige. She’s fun, enthusiastic, and she has a power that will definitely come in handy.

    Since a love of fine art is a central theme in this, we thought a private figure drawing class in the middle of the Manor would be a fun way to not only highlight Shaina and Paige’s art talents, but to give the story some more sibling rivalry. There’s a nod to Mairghread Scott and Mirka Andolfo’s Swords of Sorrow story in here. See if you can spot it.

    Page 10
    Paige’s art school crush, Gabe, is finally revealed! This is where I have to say, Maria really puts these stylish details into every character. Gillian has fabulous earrings, and Gabe’s glasses are SO COOL!

    Page 15
    In our first issue we met poor Mr. Wiskunde, the accountant whose soul was replaced by a demon from The Underworld. As if being an accountant wasn’t bad enough, he has to deal with audits, 1099 forms, AND witch slaying! I wonder if he can get it all done by April 15th.

    We’ll find out!