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AMY CHU talks KISS #9, on sale in JUNE!

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  • AMY CHU talks KISS #9, on sale in JUNE!

    AMY CHU talks KISS #9, on sale in JUNE from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Amy, I think it is safe to say by now that your KISS comic is creating new ground for how classic rock groups can find new life and new fans in comics. What is the reaction you are hearing at cons and on social media, and was this something you expected when you began the series for Dynamite?

    AMY CHU: I've been meeting a ton of fans at conventions of all ages, and I'm not joking when I say a TON. They've all been overwhelmingly positive and generous over the comics. I can pretty much tell by now what kind of fan they are by the covers they buy and the questions they ask me (“So have you met the band yet?!” “Is there blood in that comic?” “Did not see that coming in Issue #5!! What's next?” “So are you really a fan of The Elder?”)

    BB: Wow! … Music is obviously an important element of this series. What was your background song(s) while creating issue #9 of KISS, which will hit stores in June?

    AC: If I tell you, it's a bit of a spoiler. Let's just say there's a huge music crossover happening in this arc which I hope you all find fresh and different. I had to watch a lot of youtube videos for this one ...

    BB: Without spoilers and no cop-outs, what can you tell us about the Obayashi?

    AC: If you've been following The Demon mini-series, the answer is all there...

    BB: Is Kewber Baal rockin’ this assignment with his art or what? Does his interpretations of your scripts at this point influence the manner in which you plot these KISS mini-gems?

    AC: Absolutely! Kewber and his wife Schimerys really create the world with his line art and her colors. The Baals, in addition to having the coolest metal names EVER, set the tone for this series.

    BB: You have become quite a fan and spokesman for the diverse covers which accompany your tales. Tell us a little about this. (For instance, you recently said you enjoyed a Michael Adams cover because you are a retrogamer.)

    AC: I wish I could take credit, but I'm a big cheerleader for these cover decisions. The easy out for Dynamite to do is use old band photos, or conventional rock shots. Instead, they are really pushing the creative boundaries with the CP Wilson III and Michael Adams covers. I love it! It makes my convention table look like an art gallery!

    BB: Speaking of the mini earlier, how difficult (or maybe not?) has it been to connect up the main KISS series with KISS: The Demon, which you are writing with Erik Burnham?

    AC: KISS: The Demon was an opportunity to do an origin story and answer a lot of questions I couldn't in the current series. So it was really just building out the Blackwell world and filling in the history. I don't want to say it was easy or difficult - just a natural extension of the creative worldbuilding process. Eman Casallos did a terrific job of creating a present-day KISS-filled world with relatable characters. I hope everyone is picking up both series. It's not too late to dive in....

    BB: Any other tidbits you can offer for issue #9, on sale in June?

    AC: Well, you're going to find out what happened to Sam Blackwell Jr. ... that's a big tidbit!