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  • RIK HOSKIN talks RED RISING: SONS OF ARES #3, on sale in JULY!

    RIK HOSKIN talks RED RISING: SONS OF ARES #3, on sale in JULY from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: Rik, it really seems the translation of Pierce Brownís world onto the comic book page has been almost seamless. What would you tell fans of the Red Rising novels to excite them about the current Sons of Ares comics series?

    RIK HOSKIN: Pierce Brown was heavily involved in the writing of this comic, itís very much his show. The comic delves into the origins and formation of the Sons of Ares, an insurgent group at the heart of the Society of the Red Rising books, and features familiar characters at the very start of their struggles.

    BB: Issue #3 seems to be a real spotlight on Fitchner. What can you tell us about this character new readers may need to know to fully appreciate this issue?

    RH: Fitchner is our protagonist throughout the series -- Sons of Ares is really his story, how he learns to despise the system and becomes an outsider, the subtle ways he chooses not to conform, and what finally stokes his fires enough to turn on the establishment.

    BB: Can you tell us anything (non-spoilery) about the woman who changed Fitchnerís life?

    RH: Fans of the books will already recognize the name Bryn, so Iím not giving too much away here. In this story, we learn how Fitchner met Bryn on the unforgiving landscape of Titan, where she was working on a mining crew. She recognizes and nurtures a softer side to Fitchnerís hard edges, a side of him thatís opposed to everything heís been taught when he became a Peerless Scarred Gold.

    BB: As of July, Rik, you are only three issues into Sons of Ares, but has there been any aspect of the Red Rising novels you have been anxious to utilize in the comics but have not/will not get an opportunity?

    RH: This is a prequel to the books, so we look at characters like Bryn and Fitchner, who are great fun to work with. But I would love to tell a story about Darrow -- the hero of the Red Rising trilogy -- with perhaps his lady love Eo set just before the first book as I found the harsh world of the Helldivers a fascinating one.

    BB: To you as a writer, what is it about Pierce Brownís saga that has made it so ideal for the modern comic book reader?

    RH: Pierceís world is one of action and sudden, shocking violence, which translates well for the comics medium. The world in the books has many layers with lots of nooks and crannies to explore, itís a fully functional universe. It feels like a place where you could tell a dozen stories at once and never have any of them interact, thereís just so many places and groups and traditions to look at and learn about, all of them unique and fascinating.

    BB: Eli Powell has certainly been knocking it out of the park on the art chores as far as I have seen. Thoughts?

    RH: Iím continually astounded by Eliís work. Iíve just seen his pages for #3 today and his work keeps getting better and better. Eliís characters feel real, they have tics and body language thatís unique to each one, and then he illuminates the whole thing with thick, ominous shadows so that every page has an intense atmosphere. Itís a delight seeing what he does with my scripts, Iím never anything less than amazed.

    BB: Rik, are there any coming projects youíre able to tell our readers about at this time?

    RH: I have several projects coming from Dynamite this year, including the second volume of White Sand with fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. From other publishers, I have a graphic novel called Karna: Victory in Death due out this summer from Campfire, featuring breathtaking artwork by Sachin Nagar, and Iím writing Doctor Who comics for the UK just now. Thereís more -- some animation, some book work, but, alas, I canít give any details yet.