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    CHRISTOPHER SEBELA talks KISS/VAMPIRELLA #2, on sale in JULY from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: I cannot imagine the energy it takes to creatively bring these two franchises together, Chris. Does listening to rock Ďní roll do it? Do you watch a vampire comedy the night before? Whatís your secret?

    CHRISTOPHER SEBELA: The hardest part was figuring out how to bring KISS and Vampirella together in a way that made sense. I did all the hardest work right at the beginning, mapped everything out, so when it came time to write another issue, Iíd just put on my KISS playlist and get myself in the right mindset. I was always excited to sit down and knock out another issue so it didnít take much.

    BB: A major con or two has occurred since our last interview. Vampirella is always a popular cosplay character at the cons, and of course KISS were arguably the first via cosplaying themselves! Since they are in LA in story, might we see some cosplay action in the series itself? Iím wondering who Vampirella would dress as? (Red Sonja?)

    CS: I feel like in our book, sheíd be cosplaying as Tura Santana from Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! But nowadays? I can see her dressing up as Winona Ryderís character from Beetlejuice or maybe a genderswapped Lestat from Anne Riceís The Vampire Chronicles.

    BB: Can you introduce us to Vampiís new roadie?

    CS: Lilyís just been in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks and is having a hard time. She moved there straight from Des Moines, Iowa, in search of stardom, or at least some better bands to join if she can. Vampi saves her from a creep and sees something special in her and hires her on as a roadie both for the band and for Vampiís mission to kill the big bad evils out there.

    BB: Any other new characters off the tour bus for issue #2, coming out in July?

    CS: We go a little bit deeper into KISSí weird driver and tour guide, Ulysses, and we get a bit more in-depth with the members of Witchkraft and Lily. Also we meet some big ugly things, but the less said the better.

    BB: Satanists with swords Ö?!

    CS: Not just swords, but swords with those creepy curvy blades, like sacrificial swords. I feel like, if you really want to be a secret satanic cult, swords are your best bet for getting things done without attracting too much attention to yourself. I mean, if I were a Satanist, itís what Iíd reach for.

    BB: When you created Vampiís band, Witchkraft, did you have any particular group as a muse? Is there a real-world Witchkraft in your head?

    CS: I wanted a band that was kind of an analog to KISS. That had a visual theme that was dark and horror-y. Witches just made sense as our theme. As far as inspiration goes, I was thinking about bands like The Slits, Ex Hex, Warpaint, Penelope Houston from The Avengers and Poly Styrene from the X-Ray Spex. But Witchkraft is a band I wish existed in real life now.

    BB: The rock bands of LA are vanishing! As we move further into the story, can you tell us (non-spoilery, of course) if we will be seeing any bands outside KISS and WK (even fictional)?

    CS: We hear about them more than we see them and most of them are fictional. Theyíre the bands that used to be huge on the scene and have since broken up or moved away or just gone missing. I wanted to keep the focus on KISS and Vampiís band. Thereís so much personality in those two groups that to focus on anyone else felt like Iíd be losing the chance to dig deeper.

    BB: Annapaola Martello seems to be rockiní on all cylinders with this, and this is not an easy mashup! Your thoughts on what weíve seen so far from your collaborator, Chris?

    CS: Annapaola is amazing. From the very first panel of hers I saw, I was blown away. She draws rock shows with as much physicality and emotion as she does a sword fight or a demon invasion. I canít imagine this book drawn by anyone other than her, I think sheís done some really stellar work in here and I canít wait to see what she does next.