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  • FABIAN RANGEL JR. talks BLOOD BROTHERS #2, on sale in JULY!

    FABIAN RANGEL JR. talks BLOOD BROTHERS #2, on sale in JULY from Dynamite!

    BYRON BREWER: So Fabian, how cool is it to see these characters of yours in a miniseries from Dynamite?

    FABIAN RANGEL JR.: I guess it hasn't really sunk in yet, because it hasn't been printed, you know? I can say that seeing the cover with the Dynamite logo looks awesome. I think Dynamite is the perfect home for this series.

    BB: Are there any new characters that we should be on the lookout for in issue #2, on sale in July? If so, what can you (non-spoilery) tell us about them?

    FRJR: In #2 we get to meet El Demonio, a demon luchador. He gives Gabe a run for his money. Demonio is one of my favorite creations, and Javi killed it on his design. I would love to do a Demonio one-shot!

    BB: What can you tell us about the Aztec skull? Is this artifact a real-world thing or just something to keep the action going in this book?

    FRJR: First of all, the skull looks cool, and is the focus of this whole case. I've just always loved stories of cursed artifacts.

    BB: Wait! In issue #2, the Soliz brothers are going against a pack of werewolf gangsters? Holy Frijoles! Are we gonna see your character ‘NamWolf make a cameo? (laughs) What’s up with you and werewolves?

    FRJR: Ha! No, ‘NamWolf won't be making a cameo. My first comic back in 2010 was about werewolves, it was called EXTINCT. I guess I just dig them, you know? Monsters are my favorite, and werewolves are my favorite monster, so they come up a lot in my stuff. Lots of raw power.

    BB: Tell us what you can (no spoilers, though) about El Demonio, please.

    FRJR: He's like a mix of Ghost Rider and Jack Kirby's The Demon. He is summoned by throwing a lucha mask and shouting "venganza" three times. He's very powerful and single-minded in his pursuit of kicking ass and yelling.

    BB: So, Fabian, are you a wrestling fan? If so, who are your favorite luchadors past and present? Mil Mascaras fan like me?

    FRJR: Yeah, I used to watch wrestling a lot as a kid, and got back into it a couple of years ago when Lucha Underground premiered. I got to write the LU comics, which was a lot of fun. All time favorites, the usual, El Santo and Blue Demon. Love those old movies where they would mix it up with monsters. A huge influence on Blood Brothers for sure.

    BB: Is Javier Caba going nuts on the art or what? Tell us a little about your collaboration.

    FRJR: Javi is a blast to work with. He knows exactly how to bring out the humanity in these insane characters. He's a master at creature design. I look forward to working with him much more in the future.

    BB: Fabian, do you have any new projects about which you can tell our readers?

    FRJR: HELENA CRASH with Warwick Johnson-Cadwell over at IDW, the second volume of SPACE RIDERS at Black Mask, the aforementioned 'NAMWOLF (with Logan Faerber) at Albatross, TARANTULA with Alexis Ziritt being published by Adhouse in June, The Complete Doc Unknown from Dark Horse in July.