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Where is Red Sonja #1

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  • Where is Red Sonja #1

    Anybody have any idea as to when the first issue is gonna ship? With #1 late is that gonna push back all the future issues? I'm looking forward to getting the comic but multiple covers and late shipping(sound like any publishers from the 90's) is not a great start

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    Unfortunately it's probably too late for me. I am tired of good comics missing deadlines. It seems a lot of publishers, with an otherwise excelent product, don't know how to run a business. They spend all their energy on hype and nothing on supplying a product. It is inconsiderate towards the consumer and unprofesional. They've lost me before #1.


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      Hmmn... no sign of it over here.

      I'm happy to wait & see - Terry you might be a while getting through the first story arc . I'd be inclined to (hopefully) get through that run & see how things go. As for the multiple covers I did collect 2 of #0 but told my comic shop to just put aside 1 cover thereafter when I realised it was going to be something of an ongoing 'feature'.



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        multiple covers

        I'm suprised the comic buying public still falls for the multiple cover gimmick. It feeds off the completist mentality that so many of us have when it comes to are favorite comics. Gotta have every issue!!! When in reality, you buy one issue with one cover you have the story, the rest of the covers are just overkill. The best way to do it is, buy your one favorite cover, and in a year go to your favorite comic convention and get the other covers for a buck a piece!


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          Red Sonja #1 looks to be out soon.

          Here is a new NEWSARAMA preview (pages 1, 4-5, 19):

          Here is a old NEWSARAMA preview (pages 1-2, 12), uncaptioned: